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Why are they considered smokeys? Is it because they are low profile but have the talent to break into the team or is it only a slim chance of actually signing them that make them a smokey?
Obvious signs that Peter O'Sullivan has been busy on both sides of the Tasman. From what I've heard we will be signing a lot more. Expect to see a few playing Fox...
Is this the ARL master plan, sign the average NSW/QLD Cup player on paying contracts to play semi professionally in an amateur Fox Memorial competition while the Christian Tuipulotus' head in the other direction? Swell..
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I am trying to get an overview of the rationale behind the recruiting and necessarily it needs to be an overview. Commercial sensibility and Privacy means the Club will be tight lipped and rightly so.

It seems to me that recruiting young players of promise and developing them along with those in our system.

We seem to be happpy with the Star players we have and are trying to build the squad around them an develop teplacements.

The top ten or so players in the Warriors have always been NRL standard. It is the remainder who are not. That has traditionally been mental and physical fitness.

Corvo will sort the physical. Coaches and senior players are rrsponsible for the mental.

The poster boy for me is Tevaga. Super fit mentally strong and hates Aussies. Good attitude template.

Good teams are built not bought.
I heard a rumour on Saturday night from a certain high profile rugby coach that a Canterbury under 19 rugby player has been offered a contract with the warriors. He’s a great player in the Simon Mannering mould. I’ve got a mate of his asking him if it’s true. Would be a great signing. Can’t name names just yet. But super rugby contracts come out this week


Yeah I think Payne Haas was playing for them this year. Looks like 6 of the 14 clubs in the QLD cup are Broncos feeder clubs...

Disappointed love-henry didn't stay long. Was expecting him to at least get some time in first grade. Broncos fans rate him.

Yep, same here. His stats in QCup were impressive coming over to the Warriors but thought he was solid without being spectacular.

On form Vuna probably had rights to debut ahead of him.

Good luck to him.
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