General 2019 NRL Ladder

Win against the Titans (away, but a home game of sorts) and the Panthers (home) and we are within touching distance of the 8 again. The way its looking this year its going to be the usual 12-12 record to get 8th spot.

Unfortunately we are at the "mathematically if we win and team b loses to team a" situation. Despite the toughest draw imaginable I'm still living in hope (or desperation) - nothing worse than watching a bunch of games to close off a season that have zero meaning.
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So who do we cheer for tonight?
If the dragons win they jump us pushing us back to 13th :grumpy:.
But if the bulldogs win that means we're only 2 points off the spoon 😭.
The table still looks like we not in danger of the spoon. However what we all saw on the weekend shows this team is rooted, absolutely stuffed, out of ideas, enthusiasm and guts, and may well be self destructing from within. On that basis I say all bets are off and we are about to enter a slide down the points differential and the table.
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