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Will we make the 8 this season

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There's just too much I see wrong with the club, it's a poisoned chalice for players who come here and is surely part of the reason our recruitment has fallen over this year. Our juniors don't develop into fully formed first graders and the fact we are probably now the NRL's least favorable club for player recruitment means we're dead in the water in terms of making another GF let alone the top 8.

There's a weakness that langours over the club and it's been growing for a number of years embedding itself further within the fabric of the Warriors season after season. The capitulations from the shear lack of resilience are embarrassing not only as a Warriors supporter but also as a Kiwi with a team in an Australian competition. Trying to breakdown the wherefores and why's of it doesn't interest me any longer it's all just a waste of oxygen.

I've turned into the fan that hates his own team, I view them as a bunch of losers now, it's taken 20+ years but they're finally unsupportable to me and for that reason I'm done.

Enjoyed reading the forum and chatting with its members but I'm calling time.
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The real question now is whether they can finish 12th or even 13th ....
Could even be 14th but I reckon 13th, unless they cop a cricket score in Townsville. At least that isn't the wooden spoon and we can still feel sorry for Tigers and Bulldogs fans...this season.
Dude the only eight these guys will make from now on is number 8, Big Classic Double with Bacon Combo at Wendy's Mt Wellington.

Seriously it's been more than five years now. Can we please have clean out of our roster so we don't ever have to go through this again ?

Please. :(
The blood hounds are out now, the stars are not aligned, the perfect storm will follow, we will struggle to win more than two more games this season.

The Knights must be targeting us as a winnable game.

Even though this is defeatist lets hope the reserve grade is given every chance to make their finals.

Many great contributions from our astute forum followers on why we are in this position I think it is a mixture of what are the symptoms of the club.

Clean out the locker room, and sadly people like Rubin should have less influence on club culture or focus on the reserves where he is now.

Our captain was passed a poisonous chalice to the detriment of his own game. Obviously the gamble of KF hasn't transferred to top 8 in fact he has gone backwards as well.

JD was promoted as our saviour and certainly on paper got us some good signings but most haven't kicked on.

Unfortunately every aspect of the Warriors from recruitment to performance is substandard our development seems limited. Ivan Cleary and John Hart were on the verge of it three teams in the grand finals.

If we identity a point of time when Ivan and John left the club was the beginning of downward spiral, we may have had a chance last year to get Ivan Cleary but we decided SK was a better fit. I agree SK inherited this rabble but if he doesn't get the support in recruitment he will rue the day he left the Broncos for us.

Back to the main subject if we made the top 8 this year it would be rated as the greatest comeback in the NRL and I don't believe in the tooth fairy.

Mr Frank White

While we had 3 teams in the GF, none of it was built on a solid foundation.
Nrl tram was built on kick it to Manu, and when that failed the team would fall apart.

The U20s was built on steamrolling the opposition, and that doesn't work when players get promoted to 1st grade
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In 2011 our top squad was 1/3 islanders. In 2012 our squad jumped to 2/3 islanders. This massive culture shift away from our clubs roots is what caused it... And then throw Ivan out on top of that and the rest is history.

As long as this club has a bias towards one demographic, and is ignoring others with more merit, we'll continue to fail to make the finals...
We also got very lucky in 2011 with the McIntyre Finals system, the same system that screwed us over in 2010.

The difference between 2010-2011 and the past 6 seasons is that we were able to win games at the back end of the season to sneak into the 8.


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We have got a 4% chance of making the finals according to the Fox Sports Lab predictor. So we still have a chance :D

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IV got a real question I didn't know where to ask so I put it here since there is
no way we are making the top 8
watching the other teams iv noticed the more successful teams forwards
Look fatter than ours , I was just wondering if anyone else had noticed this?
Over the past month, several high-profile current and former Manly players have been called to give evidence at the Crime Commission's Kent Street offices.

It is understood that intelligence has been gathered about a large sum of cash being handed over in a car park to a then Manly player. Another star Manly player is also the subject of allegations involving undisclosed player payments.'

Could get interesting.
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