General 2017 Week 1 NRL Finals Footy Thread

If that looked bad how the fuck did they award the Storms 1st try. Ruled it came off a Parra player. Replays showed no touch at all, besides that lets assume he did touch it, it was only meters forward before it got to the Parra player. No wonder the Rooters have it in for Cummins

The first or second replay straight after the try showed it hit the Parra players hand, that replay angle never got shown again


This year yet?
AFL an unusual beast. Swans and GWS have been quite successful recently hence there good crowds.
Mind you it was only about 6 weeks ago that GWS only got 11,000 to one of there home games
I think problem the NRL has is too many teams in Sydney. Don't ask me which teams should merge or go.
The AFL machine is Melbourne is quite unique. Whole generations of family's support the same club.
If there Grandad was a Hawks fan, then the father is, and his kids as well and so on and so on.
Talk about an obsession. There crowds are great, I read somewhere there average crowds are only marginally behind EPL. Storm have been successful but there semi only drew 22,000 compared to the AFL semis which were heaps more. On the whole Sydney siders are a bit more accepting of other sports and not unusual for leaguies
to attend AFL and Union games, where is Melbourne AFL supporters would never go to these other codes.
Fucking mental! I don't mind the game but seems to go forever. Time out is called if you cough.
Remember talking to one of the Morris boys a few years ago and he mentioned NSW did some cross training
with the Swans. One of the drills was taking the high ball. Hayne plane was killing it leaping up on some of his team mates backs to take screamers .When it came to the AFL guys doing it they wouldn't do it unless they
could strap those big pads on there backs. They couldn't believe the league guys could do it without protection.
Two words describe that "Soft Cocks".

Definitely agree of the Melbourne cultural thing just need to look at their sports pages and it's 90%+ AFL and will tear any other sport to shreds- heaven forbid you mention you don't follow AFL(they're literally dumbfounded).
It's definitely catered more for the live experience, I had a work function at the MCG to watch a game and I admit it was actually better than I thought- checked out a game on TV the next round and couldn't make it more than a quarter due to being bored out of my mind.
Sydney (and the NRL by extension) canabalise their own product by killing its growth and looking too inwards to protect their own interests
The first or second replay straight after the try showed it hit the Parra players hand, that replay angle never got shown again
I've watched it a couple of times as I recorded the game and could not see a touch at all. The replays did show it was passed forward before getting anywhere near the Parra player


Taumalolo having a big say in this game, been waiting a while to see him really stand up in an important game ... I think he may be starting to come of age as a leader.
In 8 years or so when he is pretty much shot we can look forward to him coming to the Warriors to retire. We'll pay him overs and he will laugh in our faces. I hear he is reading Isaac Luke's autobiography at the moment ;)
Very Warrioresque that last play by Fifita. Just needed another simple run up the middle to set up for the field goal attempt and he heads off towards the sideline.......

Couldn't believe what I was watching when he started heading sideways. Glad I'm not a sharks fan because I think after watching that passage of play I'd be up for a new tv