Recruitment 2017 Warriors Recruitment Strategy and Targets

He is 115kg, hardly on the small side.

LOL don't you know fact checking is LAAAAAME and for LOOOSERS? :cool::cool:

In my imaginary world Paasi has a pet dragon:sperm: that he rides onto the field with. He can also sing :singing::singing: the opposition to sleep with his prettiful voice :rolleyes: and nothing you say with your credible sources is gonna change my mind!



Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
Mustn't be a very knowledgeable follower of the Storm if he thinks Munster is playing Halfback next year. Munster will remain Five-Eighth and Brodie Croft will take over Cronks role at Halfback. Carbon copy player and quite rightly humiliated 'Ata in the Junior Roos V Kiwis match last year... Croft is a kid who's got the goods.
more likely i got it wrong way round. i'll have to ask him again, i have the memory of a fish. Probably inserted the wrong name into the mix. Munster i remember as his first name is Cam, and they already have one of those. Makes it easy for me.
Your right about the shoulder, he started off with a hiss and a roar this season then cracked his shoulder blade in round 4 and was out for a couple of months, when he came back he was playing on painkillers but still feeling it on contact.

He had clean out surgery on it recently now he'll have several months now too strengthen it back up, but yep the nature of the sport means shoulder reco's can take a while to come right particularly if your playing through the middle like he does.

Paasi is a very talented man for his size.....the Warriors pissed around with him at center * really daft move against the Wigan Warriors speed machines in Hamilton.

Typical poor debut for a Warrior kid against the Broncos.....offloaded when he would have been told to play it tight.....but hey....he went on to prove himself in two key areas Warrior forwards are weak.
Line bending and playing at the line with ball and footwork.

Paasi and Gavet give the Warriors some threat at the line ( quite attractive rotation options up front)...while being very different player types for Props.

lastly the Warriors back row is bland. Tohu Harris eventually will be a ball player in that pack....which again gives them some rotation options thanks to the Paasi option.

Very different Pack.....the Warriors have sucked me back in.
We need more than one ball playing forward easy pickings for defense. we need 3 or 4 who can offload
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Well there's something you and Hoffman have in common, you're both dinosaurs:D
We're getting a younger stronger better and form player in Harris..

Hoffman was the top player in the SOO that year. He was a far superior signing at the time to what Harris is now.
Our history of signing players from the storm has been pretty strong though. I'm sure we can turn him into a top flight player after spending so long languishing under the coaching of Bellamy.
We should be trying to model the storm on their forward rotation and model.

Long starting prop - bromich
Defensive backrower - harris
Attacking backrower - kaufusi
Defensive lock - finucan

Big monster prop with limited minutes - asofa solomona

Defensive safe backrowers - bromich, glasby

Warriors version

Long prop - gavet(not really but yeah)need one more
Defnsive backrower - harris
Attacking backrower -blair- need
Another one
Defenisve lock - mannering

Big monster prop limited minutes - satae/ paasi
Average backrower - pulu
- need another one

Get rid of lisone, vete, sao. Excess baggage.

So we need 3 more forward signings from my view.

A long prop which we lost in matulino.

An attacking back rower and a jack of all trades backrower.