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Is Paul Tuli recovering from injury or something?
He runs well and is just as big as Albie.
Wonder what Bunty weighs in at now , I know he was 101kg last year.
Looks about 105-106 now.
But Warriors , has Tuli been active during pre season.
Is it only visible on desktop version? I can't see it on mobile.
It only appears on the homepage( and the forum listing( page.

Should be appearing on both desktop as well as mobile/tablets however they are positioned differently depending on which device you are on.

On desktop, its near the top on the right hand side of those two pages listed above. Itll be on the right of all the recent threads listing.Screen Shot 2017 02 17 at 70752 pm

On mobile it will be near the bottom of the page under the create new thread button:
Screen Shot 2017 02 17 at 70838 pm

It is displayed to members as well as people not logged in. For members it uses the timezone in your user setting to calculate the time, and when the match is on. For non logged users/unregistered members it uses NZT.

If it doesnt work for you guys can someone take a screenshot and send me something along the lines of what i have posted. For mobile send me what it looks like under the 'Create Thread' button. For desktop what it looks like on the right hand side of the recent postings.

Also make sure that you are not using adblocks, or disabled javascript in your browser of choice as there are numerous features of the site those things block.
Yep it's counting down to the round 1. Don't see it? If someone doesn't please send a screenshot
Not sure what to send a shot of? It's not visible anywhere on my work computer, my iPad or my iPhone.
Believe that's Andrew Matthew has always been highly critical of us and tells it how it is. He hasn't picked us in the 8 for sometime.
Matthew Johns only gets critical when we start playing like crap. Before the season starts he always rates us

This was his 2016 prediction;)



The Warriors have a solid team in 2016.
They both love to set the expectations high - preseason. It seems to gives them even more reasons to sharpen the pitchforks as things inevitably start to go pear shaped.
Looks like we have the same team as last year for the first few rounds at least, maybe a little weaker than last year without Matulino and Vatuvei

The outside backs and props will have to up their game.

Its a good test of Kearneys coaching.
Having RTS back is huge
He's obviously trained the house down to get back from his knee injury and has hit the ground running with his performances in the trials. Even if he wasn't named captain he'd be inspiring a few of his teammates. Watching the trials the naming of Roger Tuivasa-Sheck as captain could be an inspired move. We have argued at length about having a captain leading from the front like Mannering or someone who can talk to the refs or behind the posts like Hoffman. In Roger Tuivasa-Sheck we could have a superstar playing at the top of his game dragging the others with him.

The pre season winds up this week. A few things have been different this off season. We haven't heard best off season ever, the 9s were given less of a priority, the trials were given some emphasis and looking at the last trial we gave guys some good minutes. The poor starts to the season have been a concern and the aim has been to rectify that. Early indications are they are on the right track. We won't have the full answer this weekend coming up playing at home against last years wooden spooners.

A few interesting match ups follow that so maybe by round 6 we'll have an answer.;)
Here goes Matthew Johns again.

I know he rates the Warriors but every time he says we are going to win the Comp we just explode and don't make the 8.

I just hope the "curse" of Matthew Johns doesn't happen again this year.

Warriors boast the best spine and can win the NRL with Kieran Foran: Matthew Johns
  • The NRL finally registered Foran's contract on Wednesday and he will be available to play from round three when the Warriors play in Dunedin against the Canterbury Bulldogs on March 17.

    "The Warriors love the big signing, they love the flashy player. My thoughts on the Warriors last year, by looking at their spine, they can win the comp without a doubt or they can finish bottom four," Johns told the Daily Telegraph.

    "With Kieran's signing they can win the comp and they won't finish bottom four.

    "He gives them really good consistency. It's the best spine on paper in the competition now because Johnson will get huge benefits playing alongside Kieran."

    The Warriors have relied heavily on Johnson in recent years to perform at his best, week in, week out.

    Johns said Foran will ease the burden on him and allow Johnson to make the most of his devastating running game.

    "Kieran will take so much off his shoulders. He plays so straight. But Johnson is a running player," Johns told the Daily Telegraph.

    "He can finesse the ball but he's a running player and so with Kieran alongside him playing straight and organising ... that can allow Johnson to just get out there and take the line on without the responsibility of directing the team around weighing heavy on him."

    - Stuff
See the Matthew Johns curse does exist:(
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