General 2017 Expectations For The First 6 rounds?

How many games do you see the Warriors winning in the first 6 rounds?

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2017 Expectations For The First 6 rounds?

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Thread to see what peoples expectations are for the team up to Blueys round.

You can copy and paste the details below and reply if you wish...

ROUND 1 vs Knights, Mt Smart
ROUND 2 vs Storm, Mt Smart
ROUND 3 vs Bulldogs, Forsyth Barr
ROUND 4 vs Dragons, UOW Jubilee Oval
ROUND 5 vs Titans, Mt Smart
ROUND 6 vs Eels, Mt Smart
If we don't win at least four games (Knights, Dragons, Titans and Eels), I have difficulty seeing us making the Top 8. This is one of the easiest starts to the season that I can remember in terms of the teams we're playing.
My expectations start in pre season with players getting sharp and concentrating on teamwork.

Last tackle passes going to Lisone, and Kata's consistent cross field running and reluctance to pass are two obvious ones. I know the Lisone one was a oncer but was symptomatic of the team's thinking, or lack of.

This squad is capable of matching it with any team anywhere, what is missing is the mental toughness, especially under fatigue. They should be working out their plays now and have the belief to execute them in games.

There will be glitches as the season progresses. I just want to see them address the damaging issues and improve as a team. Individual players will make mistakes and have bad games, fact of life. It is how they and the team deal with that is important.


Leave new zealand once and have only one real heavyweight to face, if its not at least 4/6 i think that's the end of the top 8 chances.

Matulino alone is not enough of an excuse, if its Matulino and Foran missing and a rusty Roger Tuivasa-Sheck that's a bit more understandable.

New coach isn't an excuse, its the same squad and super assistant Cappy is around.

I'm nervous. They really need this to go well.
I'd expect it to be difficult to get the chocolates against the Storm and Dragons. Other than that, they should be a real chance of winning the rest. Knight, Titans and Eels at Mt Smart are truly winnable. (As it would be reversed playing these games away) - Bulldogs too as many are predicting them to have a tough season.

4/6 would be my expectation.
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Anyone slightly concerned that if KF is okayed by the NRL and is physically okay to play in the Eels game that he might get some "friendly" tackles? So friendly he suddenly starts hobbling...
I would be happy with 3/3. That would have us in the 8. We need to build momentum, hitting our straps in the latter part of the season. Getting off to a flyer then hitting the wall and not knowing what to do about it would be horrible.
Awesome. Speaking as somebody who looking back believes not beating Eels in last year Auckland Nines Final took alot of confidence out of team going into 2016 NRL season, I really do feel then that alot what we should expect from them in first six weeks will come down to how well they play in this year Auckland Nines. We go into competition and beat Titans in Final only to come out next week and beat them again in trial match in Palmerston North like I'm picking they will, then I have no problem in predicting that they will win all six matches. They don't, NZ Warriors only make it to Semi Finals where they are beaten by somebody like Raiders or Dragons or even Eels again, then I think we will struggle in our first six games. Lose our first two home games both to Knights and Storm, beat Bulldogs on St Patrick's Day in Dunedin, only to go on and lose again to Titans, Dragons and maybe Eels. So confident me is picking them to win all six while depressed, pessimistic me who can't believe he continues to watch this shit is picking them to win only two. Whatever happens all I know is that this year is going to be great fun to watch ... :)

ROUND 1 vs Knights, Mt Smart 48-4 to NZ Warriors
ROUND 2 vs Storm, Mt Smart 16-12 to NZ Warriors
ROUND 3 vs Bulldogs, Forsyth Barr 36-22 to NZ Warriors
ROUND 4 vs Dragons, UOW Jubilee Oval 18-0 to NZ Warriors
ROUND 5 vs Titans, Mt Smart 24-20 to NZ Warriors
ROUND 6 vs Eels, Mt Smart 18-6 to NZ Warriors

Go NZ Warriors !!!
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3 and 3 is a fair start. We dont gel well at the start of season. the forward pack still hasnt been adressed. Foran is an unknown.

What im looking for is if we can lose by less than 6 and have a points allowed less than 18ppg. that would be a huge improvement.
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Jordan G

4 from 6 for me.

Only have to leave NZ once in the first 6 weeks, essentially the same team as last year so combos should be less of an issue. New coach, hopefully a new attitude, youngsters a year more experienced.

All i really ask is that we're in every game right until the end. None of this down 24-0 at halftime crap or the usual periods of nobody showing up and throwing the game away.
Titans will be harder than we expect.
They built a hard grinding pack with a few fringe players who took there chance in 2016.
With there new additions , there pack could be a handful for anyone.

That's the game I am worried about.
Think we will come out on top in the rest.
Definitely should have 3 at least, easy draw, if not will be same old but depending on other teams results with confidence etc prob have none could have 6. To be a quality team def should have 4
If we don't win at least four games (Knights, Dragons, Titans and Eels), I have difficulty seeing us making the Top 8. This is one of the easiest starts to the season that I can remember in terms of the teams we're playing.

X2 for me as well. I said 4 out of 6, but think we could even go as far as 5/6 taking the Storm game as well. Still think this season will be our best ever in many years.
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There is no zero from six option so I didn't vote.

I think under a new coach, and with the Warriors well-known round one to six vulnerability that they will struggle....because they are slow dogs to learn new tricks.

I could well see the Warriors blasted off the park for rounds one and two (coz their cultural mindset and lack of NRL winning experience makes them slow starters).

The new coach is a slow starter too...his Kiwi sides are a testament to that.

Rounds three to six we will be more competitive, but that will bee too late due to our opponents being hardened by three rounds of footy also.

We will see some valiant golden point closeness early on, but likely without Foran, so our boys will fk it up.

Forans inclusion will see the Warriors win most of their games from probably round six....that will be enough to see them blow teams off the park in a finals scenario.
I have no expectations really, I've selected 3 for 6..but can see us losing all 6 or winning all 6....

I'm still not convinced having Cappy as a number 2 is ideal and without KF, we are basically the same team a last year.

So unless something amazing happens, it will be the same.

Storm, Dragons, Bulldogs and the Titans will all be hard games, regardless of being home or away.
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