General 2016 World's Top 100 Players

Congratulations to Bodene Thompson who has been named for the first time in the Top 100 players in the world by RLW:


Not so good news for Mutts who falls from 29 to 85:


More to come (hopefully ;)) as RLW add to the list.
If he hasn't already been mentioned I don't expect to see Manu on the list at all.

Yep, it's top 100 not 200.

Of course, if Manu is A) moved to second row and B) makes a real good well fisted coffee book job of it (Note to all forummers: Google "well fisted jobs" and "coffee book tackle" to see what I mean, I can't go too long without using those niche rugby league terms) he might make it on to the 100 next year, who knows?

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I think as long as Shaun Johnson see's himself as less than players like JT etc.. he'll always fail to hit is potential.

He obviously should believe in his running game. But too often he shows a complete lack of faith in his half back play, which is a crime really.

I reckon he doesn't have to worry about becoming arrogant. It's not in his nature. His flaw, if he has one, is selling himself short.
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