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Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
The NRL posted an article saying the refs had visited all teams during preseason and made them aware of their rules and interpretations. Play the ball was something that they were focussing on at the nines and stated that any incorrect play the balls would result in penalties.

As for trials, i would think its more of a benefit to teams as giving combos a chance to work, seeing how some good trainers in preseason go, match fitness etc.
but isnt that the same thing you would see in opposed training sessions? Especially with a ref in attendance to make it as game realistic as a Trial game

Also the way i heard it this was put across as a regular thing above and beyond the updating of the rules.


Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
man needs to learn how to defend himself. A simple block on the hand that grabbed his shirt woulda done it.

God i hope that the warriors never have to make this ridiculous trip to england again before the start of a season, its absolutely nuts IMO
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Lawdy lawdy, there has been some hysteria over the trial, doom gloom and despondency reigns supreme. Here are my thoughts
1. A pre season game is to establish where the team is needing improvement, what is working and what isn't. Valuable lessons will have been learnt and I hope with the new attitude those who did not step up will be held to account.

2. The Dragons had a tough match the week before under true match conditions, didn't perform and had something to prove after being shafted by the Coach, don't under estimate the conditioning at this time of year.

3. Mistakes appear to have gifted most possession to the Dragons, especially at this time of the year it is tough to maintain defensive lines, particularly with unlimited subs.

4. Cappy would have had a plan with his subs and that may have contributed to the train wreck. However, he needed to carry those plans through for whatever reason.

5. Games like that can be beneficial, if they are not grounded after that there really is a problem. Other than Sao minimal injuries. There will be no complacency now, and that can only be a good thing.

6. A bit off thread but they are all players first, rather than Martians, Romulans and Klingons, (shame Mateo wasn't here, he could be Uranus.) Nobody needs excuses made for them, they are entitled to respect like everyone else. For fucks sake we are Kiwis, we have been playing sport, working together, fighting wars etc for hundreds of years, what is so different with the Warriors. (Sorry Mods)

7. They had a bad game, Jesus, hardly the first is it. However, this game meant nothing really, did that caning of the Broncos in a trial mean anything other than causing us all complacency.

8. Players should be putting their hands up to get selected, and exposing them against top opposition. Tui maybe isn't ready for Centre and goes to the Wing. His competition is Wright who at least you know what you get. With Ayshford I have seen better Centres in a box of chocolates, I am leaning Hurrell and Kata.

9. The spine because of mistakes never got a chance to get the team rolling forward, get the rubbish out of the way first. Form is temporary, class is permanent.

10. Fundamentals, hold the ball, play the ball properly, kick in field, keep a solid D line, show urgency, help out your team mates, play to final whistle. Learn those and put in practice. As a Coach said to us once. " Rugby is a simple game or they wouldn't let you stupid pricks play it.'
Actually going over that Ayshford miss, really makes me want to stab the Coach WTF is he trying to achieve????

Watching other trials and every other Coach knows exactly what his starting line up is apart from the likes of Te Maire that are putting massive pressure on incumbents.
I think it may have tipped me over the 50-50 give Cappy a chance to at least 60-40 against, his Coaching staff are up there with him, there's some dumb Coaching in that game, how can you make an informed decision on the makeup of a team if you're going to put everyone all over the field.

Doesn't seem to be much contingency plans in place for when the inevitable injuries hit.

I think that's his plan.. if there's injuries chuck players anywhere to plug holes and hope for the best. Shocking stuff.

Like you mentioned in another post he should have already been a long way down the track when it comes to who his first rate line up is, sadly we're mistaken.

This coach has no clue, still making the same mistakes of last season.. he's seen all this stuff happening while he was an assistant way before he got promoted to head coach. Still hasn't rectified anything. You're meant to prepare meticulously to cover all bases, not this guy. Just repeats his own mistakes and the mistakes of those before him.

Out of his depth is an understatement.
Here's the thing about trials, is that well, they're trials. Coaches looking for new signings to do well or not do well and with the team getting a hiding everyone will be shitting themselves about their position. Established players to got a run under their belt without the distraction the of 9's touch and tickle stuff. To me the score line isn't the important outcome in trials it's the team playing under the threw rules and getting physical contact (all be it they could of tried to make contact a lot more). I truly believe this game will knock us into shape quickly for the Tigers. I will evaluate after round 5 ifn we will be a contender or not. Yours truly Warrior Supporter optimist.
My apologies to everyone if this has been posted before but a bunch of highlights of 2016 NRL pre season trial matches have been put up on YouTube including last week NZ Warriors V Dragons game out in Nelson. I'll leave it to Joe Pesci to describe to you just how I feel after having watch it for the third dozen time in row :

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I think everyone has missed the big picture - Cappy has prepared the team for the reduced interchanges of the season so losing a game when that's not happening doesn't count..... now, if you don't mind I'm going back to LaLa Land to feed my unicorns and watch the flying dragons!!!!
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