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Surprise home test for the kiwis again this year...

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NEWCASTLE will host the 2016 Trans-Tasman Test between Australia and New Zealand, the NRL announced on Monday.

The annual fixture will be Mal Meninga’s first match as head coach of the Kangaroos following his appointment late last year.

The Jillaroos and Kiwis Ferns will do battle in the curtain-raiser to the Test at Hunter Stadium.

A Pacific double header featuring Samoa, Tonga, Fiji and PNG will be held at Parramatta’s Pirtek Stadium, while the Junior Kangaroos will again play the Junior Kiwis in the curtain-raiser.

The annual Country-City clash will be played in Tamworth on Sunday, May 8.

“Once again, to have Australia and New Zealand clashing, along with our best women and junior players, will be wonderful to see,” NRL head of football, Todd Greenberg, said.

“The Trans-Tasman Test will be an extremely important match for both teams, in a Four Nations year, and the fact it will be Mal’s first match in charge of the Kangaroos will ensure it is a little more special.

“International rugby league is a real priority for us and this Representative Round will feature some great match-ups.”

May 6 – Australia v New Zealand, Hunter Stadium, Newcastle
May 6 – Jillaroos v Kiwi Ferns, Hunter Stadium, Newcastle
May 7 – Pacific Double Header, Pirtek Stadium, Parramatta
May 7 – Junior Kangaroos v Junior Kiwis, Pirtek Stadium, Parramatta
May 8 – Country v City, Scully Park, Tamworth
From the NZ Herald...

"The Australian Rugby League Commission's current broadcast deal with Channel Nine prevented the New Zealand Rugby League from claiming hosting rights for the match, and they are now resigned to waiting three more years before having the chance to stage a transtasman clash in New Zealand.

"We're bound by contractual arrangements with the Australian Rugby League and their broadcast deal over there, so the earliest that it will be in New Zealand will be 2018," said NZRL interim CEO Alex Hayton.

"Because their broadcast deal expires at the end of 2017, 2018 is realistically the earliest.

"We did go through the process with them. They did seek to see if they could vary the broadcast deal, the answer was no."
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This year yet?
That's bullshit Newcastle deserves the game more than NZ because channel 9 says so? I know ya gotta pay the bills but this is what's wrong with League in a nutshell...
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When is Mount Smart going to host another Kiwis/Kangaroos test? I miss watching tests there.

When are we allowed to watch our reigning 4N Champs in action??

Always the same lame excuses from ozzy league.. revenue this revenue that, tv audience, bla bla just a load of shit.

Origin is their cash cow obviously but it sickens me how little respect they give international league.
That would just rub salt into the wound. Play the ANZAC test in Australia as they are contractually obligated too. At the end of the year where they could show some goodwill they'll play it in Perth as they missed out on the ANZAC test.:rolleyes:

According to this the 4 Nations is in the UK next year.

So it is starting to look like the world number 1 sit won't be playing at home. Well not while we are ranked number 1. A real pity as it would benefit the game here a lot.
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Arguably the best kiwi team of all time ( certainly in my lifetime) and the NZ public will never get a chance to see them- it's a travesty.
And they wonder why the international game struggles...

As far as playing in Perth goes- if they want league to grow there- give them their own farking team!
In the time since the nrl made their huge expansion into the Gold Coast :rolleyes: Union have included Melbourne, Perth, Argentina and even Japan into their competition.
The ARL are so farkin small minded it defies belief.

Is there anything stoping nzrl from organizing test matches on the same day origin is played?
The pacific nations have never been stronger and png are having a resurgence.
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They want the number one ranking back. They are not going to get it at Mount Smart are they?

They never beat us in Welly or Brisbane either so it doesn't matter where we play them I just want our boys to kick their ass and keep the foot on their throat.

Get Meninga to coach them it doesn't matter our players and coach are confident enough to take them on any time.

Kiwis still respect their ability but no way does our team fear them anymore.

NZRL should grow a set of balls and stand up for themselves. More Kiwis tests in NZ just not at Eden Park.
Mods this might not be the right thread so feel free to move it.

But my first reaction when seeing this on the back of Hiku being out for the season was the impact on the Kiwis at the end of the year.:(

Quite a few Kiwi players having season ending injuries it seems. Would've been good if Martin hadn't gotten a season ending injury earlier this season, would've been a good chance for him to make his Kiwis debut later this year with Foran injured.

I guess the silver lining is that the World Cup is next year. Hopefully Kearney will use the Four Nations to develop players in key positions, and not insist on using players out of position. One can only hope.
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Injured Parramatta star Kieran Foran has confided he may never play rugby league again

INJURED Parramatta rugby league star Kieran Foran has confided to friends he may never play the game again.

Foran is contemplating his playing future as he tries to reconcile with his partner Rebecca Pope.

He has moved back into the family home in an effort to make amends and work his way through a litany of personal problems, including his relationship breakdown.


Kieran Foran back at his home in Freshwater.
The Daily Telegraph captured Foran and Ms Pope moving household items in and out of their Freshwater house on Thursday.

The star halfback told his manager Paul Sutton that not playing again was a realistic option but he would not rush into a decisions while he attempts to recover from mental health issues and a shoulder injury that has put him out for the year.

“There’s no doubt that being back home is therapeutic for Kieran,” Sutton told The Daily Telegraph.

“But there is a lot of water under the bridge and much work to do on his relationship.”

The 25-year-old has been in a relationship with Ms Pope for seven years.

They have two young children — Emerson and baby Jordan — who has battled serious health issues since his birth six months ago.


Kieran Foran's partner Rebecca Pope.
The little boy has been hospitalised twice.

Foran’s relationship with Ms Pope has been riddled with problems, while his betting and friendship with former brothel owner Eddie Hayson has raised concerns.

The Parramatta Eels star was seen in a Brisbane nightclub with his brother Liam and Hayson on the night of a game between Manly and Brisbane on May 14.

He was meant to be in a Brisbane rehabilitation centre after a prescription drug overdose in April.

On May 19 about $75,000 was lost over two hours from a TAB account belonging to Foran. The betting splurge happened just hours after he left rehab.


Foran joined Parramatta on a huge deal at the start of the season.
Foran’s prescription drug overdose occurred in a Sydney apartment near The Rocks, before he was rushed to St Vincent’s hospital.

His relationship with Ms Pope had broken down in the week of his collapse.

Since then, he has been in an out of the rehab centre but has been seen several times with his brother and Hayson at various Brisbane and Sydney nightspots. For an came out of the rehab centre to play football for the Eels but a shoulder injury has put his playing career on hold.
The Niche Cache's Emerging Kiwis Squad


Over in Australia last week, Queensland coach Kevin Walters and New South Wales coach Laurie Daley dropped their Emerging Origin Squads. These are always super duper interesting as we are graced with some insight into the minds of either state's coach and who is on their respective radars, which will ensure that I drop some knowledge on those two squads in the next few days.

We're kiwis though, so it's only right that I push those Aussie squads to the side and offer up an Emerging Kiwis Squad first. The Niche Cache will have this group for a week's training in January and while it features a few blokes who have already represented Aotearoa, the general idea is to bring together younger lads who will form the core of the Kiwis in five years time and beyond.

Kenny Bromwich, Kodi Nikorima

The Emerging Kiwis Squad needs a few young blokes who have not only established themselves in the NRL, but who have also spent a fair bit of time in the Kiwis camp. Both are hearty kiwis who will drive the culture of the EKS camp with Bromwich in charge of the forwards, while Nikorima will take charge of the backs.

Bromwich and Nikorima have long-term futures representing Aotearoa on the horizon. Bromwich is a forward capable of playing in the middle and on the edges, playing a key role in giving Melbourne a bit of footwork and skill in which was crucial to their success this season while Nikorima was a forgotten absentee for Brisbane this year. Nikorima had been a staple off the bench, adding some x-factor to the dummy half position.

James Fisher-Harris, Joseph Tapine, Ava Seumanufagai, Josh Aloiai, Zane Musgrove, Nelson Asofa-Solomona, Danny Levi, Manaia Cherrington, Toafofoa Sipley.

The selections of Fisher-Harris and Tapine speak for themselves; when integrated into a forward pack that has the likes of Jason Taumalolo, Martin Taupau and Sio Siua Taukeiaho, the Kiwis will be brutally powerful. But why stop there? We also have the man-mountain Nelson Asofa-Solomona doing his thing in Melbourne and he's arguably the most dynamic young forward in the NRL.

Wests Tigers forwards Ava Seumanufagai and Josh Aloiai are easily slept on as they aren't quite as block-busting as Asofa-Solomona. Seumanufagai was a beast for the Tigers this season when Aaron Woods was absent, while Aloiai quietly went about rolling through 80 minutes fairly easily out on the edge. South Sydney's Zane Musgrove can also be put in that 'easily slept on' bracket as he started and finished the season for the Rabbitohs, suffering a lengthy injury lay-off between those stints in which he was often selected to start over one of the Burgess brothers.

NZ Warriors fans should be excited about Toafofoa Sipley who looked at home in the NRL in his debut season and it will be interesting to see where Sipley fits into amongst the Warriors young forwards. I've got Sipley being better than the rest of the pack and his size/footwork has him as a similar prop to Seumanufagai.

Our hookers here are Cronulla's Manaia Cherrington and Danny Levi from Newcastle. Aotearoa has plenty of dummy halves in the NRL and with the likes of Brandon Smith looking to develop under Cameron Smith down in Melbourne and Nikorima likely to stick to his bench-utility niche, we're blessed. Cherrington and Levi are the cream of the crop right now, despite difficult years for them in 2016 and with great depth in this position, we just need to keep guys in touch with the Kiwis camp.

Joseph Manu, Taane Milne, Te Maire Martin, Zach Dockar-Clay, Patrick Herbert, Tuimoala Lolohea, David Fusitua, Ata Hingano.

Te Maire Martin and David Fusitua went on tour with the Kiwis this year, while Tuimoala Lolohea did the same last year. That's a Kiwis spine right there with Fusitua at fullback and Martin/Lolohea in the halves, so ponder the prospect of that spine and try not to get a tad excited. The Martin/Lolohea halves combo is very interesting as they are both capable of offering x-factor via their respective running games and Martin can take care of steering the ship around, allowing Lolohea to float.

Ata Hingano might have something to say about that and we should all be pretty damn excited about the emerging talents of Hingano, who will probably feature heavily down the Kiwis left edge soon enough.

I'm not sure how Zach Dockar-Clay is going to get game time at Penrith, sitting in behind Martin and Nathan Cleary in the halves, but Dockar-Clay is the sort of halfback that Aotearoa tends not to produce. Dockar-Clay formed a lethal halves combination with Martin for the Junior Kiwis and the best-case scenario could be that Dockar-Clay/Hingano rocks the No.7 jersey with Martin and Lolohea competing for the No.6 spot; Dockar-Clay can also play hooker which is probably his best chance of NRL minutes at Penrith. I just want Dockar-Clay around the squad as he'll be a cog - possibly an important one - in this Kiwis wheel at some stage.

What's important here is that we have four halves named in this EKS. Four halves who are immensely skillful and just need time to stack up consistent NRL minutes, if I were to rank these four halves right now; Martin, Lolohea, Hingano, Dockar-Clay.

Taane Milne made his NRL debut this year and quickly became a point of attacking impetus at centre for a struggling Dragons side. As a specialist centre, Milne is a valuable commodity and his ability to break tackles, or at least poke through the line and offload will ensure that the Dragons' right-edge has some funk.

Joseph Manu tasted NRL footy this year on the wing for the Roosters and was given an opportunity at centre later in the year, gifting us with a taste of the most exciting young back from Aotearoa at the moment. Manu has ruthless footwork that is similar to that of Roger Tuivasa-Sheck's and I'll be paying close attention to how Roosters coach Trent Robinson allows Manu to develop next season.

There are many young kiwi outside backs who could have been the bolter in this EKS (Jamayne Isaako, Greg Leleisiuao) and I've gone with Patrick Herbert from the Dragons. Herbert has been a star for the Dragons Under-20's team, earning himself a spot with the full-time NRL squad this summer. Herbert is very similar to Manu in that he can interchange between centre and wing fairly easily.

Thought this would be a good discussion who would you include. Other players I would put in consideration for an emerging squad would be Fa'amanu Brown. Kalyn Ponga is a no brainer if he committed to the Kiwis. For Forwards I would look at adding Bunty Afoa and Esan Marsters from the Tigers.