Internationals 2016 Australia v Kiwis Test, Perth

Bromitch was very poor tonight. Taupau awesome but only one stint?
Taumalolo off too long
Harris is a speed bump on D
Proctor was good but went off and didn't return?
If Jonson is not going to get involved in attack then at least push up and support the forewords. Invisible clueless passenger tonight.
Kata the man
Kahu played with heart

Jordan G

Let the Shaun Johnson bashing begin/continue. No need to break well established habits.

Our only real hope (both Warriors and Kiwis) is to have a full strength spine available. There just isn't the depth beneath it to score points against an organised defense.
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The kiwis ruck defence was woeful hence why the forwards were ineffective in attack.

SKD and Nightingale need to be dropped, how he still gets picked (Nightingale) is beyond me.

Shaun is the most skilful player in the NRL, but his league nous is absolutely terrible. He's not dominant enough to be a 7, he has no real urgency to inject himself, JT is the greatest because he's a competitor, it's that simple. He gives his all and expects the best from his team mates.

How can your players respond to you being a half, when you show no heart.
Biggest worry out of that was the way Aussie adjusted to our game plan and took away our only advantage.

I thought Manu would be sorely missed and well...who's going to question that now?

We picked a team to go down the middle.

Tackle one we run the kick back to the middle.

Tackle two a back tries to get meters by beating the defence. They get creamed by the Aussie backrowers.

Aussie feed off that poor start to sets all night and completely take the Kiwis pack out of the equation.

No flies on Kata in defence, he is outstanding.

However we need some structure in the backline (not talking set plays, they were flat all night) Whare is sorely missed there.

SKD and Nightingale play better as a pairing.

Might be worth the gamble of trying Kahu at center and push Kata out to Wing (the roos showed how to defend a small Winger V a big player like Rapana).

Weirdest thing was seeing Johnson go to the Kick to Manu over and over.....Ironic.
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Yes LUke shithouse passing ,,,,,gutted really thought it was going be a cracking match esp as is seemed to be building in the second part of the 1st half of the worse kiwi performances I've seen looked Gassed much of the match outside when Brown was on ..FUCK IT
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Kiwis test team...Playing sh*t...what a surprise... i said Early in the year Ditch that idiot Johnson..Hes done his dash... Cant just bomb all night and jump into dummy half... thats not your job, and if any of his friends are reading this ..please pass on the feedback.. You played CRAP...!!! You earn the big bucks, play for what your paid.

For David Kidwell: feedback to give the team on behalf of fans........ we dont care if you lose, but at least compete......

POINT 1-kiwis - dont stand your ground and wait for the Aussies to run at you- Move up in a line... your not 10 year olds...
Point 2: Whats this crap 1 up running and making 5 yards... At least try an offlaod... your not 10 year olds..
Point 3: Hold th F'in ball.
Point 4: Forwards are meant to go forward....... not sideways...
Point 5: Johnson is a half....not a dummy half... play your own position,...
Point 6: Get A kicking game rather than that idiot Johnston just trick pony.....
Point 7: Why not give Te marie Martin a run in half rather than Shaun Johnson.. cant do any worse can he,,... and who knowsthey might win
Point 8: Yep and aimed at Johnson again... why take the half from one of the worst performing teams and think he will play any better than his crappy season he had this year,,??? Really... have you not watched the warriors games at all this season??? ..FFS.....!!!!
shit thats just utter shit. i dont know what else to say. it was as bad as the anzac test, we really didnt score any points. im just hoping they can sort it out by the 4nations.

gotta give it to mal, he went back to what an australian forward pack should look like big tall props and dynamic backrow edge players. it was repeated of the anzac test, they had too much work to do. the aussies know how important field position is. we didnt capitalise on the period of dominance we had.

on paper it looks amazing the forwards but what kearney had going in 2014 has to happen. i usually hate blair but he works in this kiwis team, same with beastwood, he chubby but he works in this team. JWH was mud. absolute mud. Kearney was on to something with leaving him out.

How can we avoid injury next year. we're missing the quality of a whare and foran and even hiku its just not working.

Leuleuai needs to provide something. too much traffic going to johnson who proves he needs a foran half to help him out massively.

I gotta give it up to Kata. he was great and defended immensely, him and nightingale didnt leak a single point.

Lukes service and decisions out of dummy half are shite. the ball has to get out quicker and on the front foot.

Taumalolo shouldve played more minutes. gotta get into it better.

SKD was horrible. just bad dont know what to say.

this attack needs a serious tweaking. leuleuai needs to get his plays.

Im calling for a few changes.

Kahu isnt a fullback, i feel we need fusitua at the back as a better link and better kick return.

beastwood in for JWH.

maybe fusitua to the centres in place of skd with rapana. i just feel fusitua needs to be in this team, somehow someway, hes a big unit.

but credit to the aussies. back to the engine room they use to have and the structure they like to play, they controlled us in all facets but we have to sort out this points issue especially with england coming up.

it goes back to Shaun Johnson setting the tone. he was horrible, there was no structure, the platform was roughly there.

im calling for manu. haha but bro its the truth.
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Hopefully someone supports him next time he offloaded the ball multiple times and no one was their to take it. Would've given the kiwis great momentum in attack.

Partially why i'm a fan of a more attack oriented / support running fullback rather than a solid tackler like Kahu.

Fusitua is your man.
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I may even be worth moving Leuluai into the 9, bringing Luke off the bench and putting Martin out in the 6 to give us another kicker in general play...

While Leuluai was great on d we are really lacking option kickers and Brown's service from dummy half was clean but slow.


6. Martin
9. Leuluai
14. Luke
yeah i mentioned leuleuais service is good out of dummy half and gets the ball to the halves quicker. we might just have to blood martin, we need points on that left edge and kicking
Let the Shaun Johnson bashing begin/continue. No need to break well established habits.

Our only real hope (both Warriors and Kiwis) is to have a full strength spine available. There just isn't the depth beneath it to score points against an organised defense.
Personally...i think Shaun Johnson played crap... in fact very similar to his results for the warriors this year... Its not Shaun Johnson bashing... its just a fact. He isnt a dummy half... hes paid as a play maker, so make some plays.... there needs to be more to agame than just bombing...


Our props had less than 100m between them. Bromwich(77) and JWH(27).

Kiwis played the Warriors gameplan to a T tonight.
- Fumbles
- No backline moves. Backs are just for running ball out of our own line.
- Bad bad bad 5th play options
- Lack of forward dominance
- In the rare occurence that a backline move is on, screw it up because they dont know what to do.