Internationals 2016 Australia v Kiwis Test, Perth


There’s always next year.
Yep we need Foran back, just goes to show all the peeps saying Shaun Johnson will go well behind a good forward pack, well he's playing just as shite now


Shaun Johnson has done pretty much what he does at the Warriors - fuck all behind a huge quality forward pack.

Foran cant come here soon enough. We need a real floor general in our backline.
Kiwis gamelan today - utter shit.

One up runs. No one looking to offload.

When someone does no one there ready for it.

Poor kicking options from our halves and overall decision making not great - Johnson not injecting himself. Warrior-esque.

The "big kiwi forward pack" not doing enough work. Relying on the backs to bring the ball up.

SKD played a hand in 4 of the 5 Australian tries.

Positives - Kahu solid out the back. Kata solid debut.

Negatives - everything else particularly SKD. Debut Fusitua.


What is with the lame dummy half passes Johnson does on the first few tackles? He does the same for the Warriors.

Other players at least do a small run before passing to keep the defence on its toes. Just watch Tommy, Issac or Cam Smith (well pretty much anyone who knows what they are doing). Johnson just telegraphs a limp pass to the first runner and makes it easy for the defence.

We need to sort this for the Warriors. It is wrecking our first few tackles on offence.
SKD horrific...
Johnson invisible... continues his 2016 Warriors form
Nightingale tries hard...but just isn't effective hitting the ball up against big forwards

Too many dropped balls... last tackle options were embarrassing...

Didnt think we had many points in us...wasn't wrong!
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Johnson has been totally absent.

I admire Kahu's solidity and dependability but he adds nothing to this team from fullback. Kenny-dowall has to go after this performance as does Nightingale who was monstered all game and Warea-Hargreaves who in my opinion is a bit of a myth.

I would make the following changes:

1. Kahu > Fusitu'a
2. Nightingale > Watene-Zelezniak
3. Kata
4. Kenny-Dowall > Kahu
5. Rapana
6. Leuluai
7. Johnson
8. Bromwich
9. Luke
10. Warea-Hargreaves > Blair
11. Proctor
12. Harris > Mannering
13. Taumalolo
14. Brown
15. Taupau
16. Blair > Eastwood
17. Ma'u > Harris


There’s always next year.
The "big kiwi forward pack" not doing enough work. Relying on the backs to bring the ball up.



WTF is it with our backs taking up 3 tackles in the hit up? Kahu, nightingale then SKD before a forward was given the ball?

why wasnt the ball directed at Taumalolo more?

if they needed to slow the play down to allow the forwards to get back in position, then they should have done just that. Wasting tackles with the backs hitting it up for multiple tackles what we have a far superior forward pack doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

That being said, some pretty good footy overall. Its just unfortunate SKD had to be a kiwi.
We've gone backwards massively the last two games.

On the game SKD was absolutely awful needed to be hooked. JWH was Mr invisible. Shaun Johnson still unable to step up and take ownership of a team. The left edge of Leuluai, Kata and Mannering were outstanding on defence. Kidwell needs to rotate his forwards better, Bromwich and Taumalolo where off the field for too long. Lewis Brown is not a hooker, play TMM at six and have Leuluai as back up hoooker if Luke isn't gonna play the full 80. Mannering's defence around the middle was missed. Ref's where awful allowed Australia to get away with murder in the ruck and were never onside. The touch judges were either blind or had their heads up each other's asses. The bunker allowing two tires which weren't tries the knock on from Thurston for the Holmes try and Inglis was infront of the kick for his try.

Rant over!!!!
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