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With good on field attitude and energy like we saw against the Dragons on Sunday, the Warriors could well get into the top 8.

If the eels get stripped plenty, the warriors win and the raiders loose, could go as high as 7th at the end of the next round.

Positions 4 - 13 will just be bouncing back and forth all year long it looks like, storm will fall during and after origin, and the 3 at the top look like staying that way. Roosters will start climbing up.
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According to reports the eels have lost all their points. Start at nil.
I'd hate to be the team that finishes in 8th spot - only to repeatedly hear that you only got there because the Eels lost their points.... just in the same way we heard for years that the 2002 team only made the GF because the Doggies lost their points.


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Parramatta Eels docked 12 NRL points, fined $1 million over salary cap breach

The salary cap investigation into Parramatta is finally over, with the NRL handing down a 12 point penalty and a $1 million fine to the embattled club.
Five officials - club chairman Steve Sharp, deputy chairman Tom Issa, director Peter Serrao, CEO John Boulous and Head of Football Daniel Anderson - have all been deregistered by the NRL and will leave the club.

The sanctions have all but ended the high-flying Eels' hopes of returning to finals football for the first time since 2009 despite starting the season with six wins from their first nine games. The Eels will still be able to play for competition points the remaining games season.

NRL chief executive Todd Greenberg determined the penalty on Monday night after the integrity unit's near three month investigation into a range of third party agreements, informing Eels officials of the commission-approved sanctions on Tuesday morning.

The NRL's head of integrity unit, Nick Weeks, will join Greenberg at a press conference at League Central later this morning to explain why Parramatta will be playing for pride for the rest of what was a promising season.
At the club's AGM on Monday night, Parramatta chairman Steve Sharp vowed to fall on his sword and resign if it spared the club being docked competition points.

However the NRL's punishment may not necessarily be the final chapter in the salary cap probe, with Parramatta hierarchy prepared to push back against the NRL in the courts claiming they have not been afforded procedural fairness
Sydney Morning Herald
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Aren't we playing the Eels in round 26?

I get the feeling we'll lose that and miss out on the eight... (assuming we're even in contention before that match).


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Thought Id bump this thread and see what people thought about our chances. With this being our last bye we are basically entering the home straight as of next week. Below is our run home with the teams rankings as of the end of Round 17.


We have 4 home and 4 away games. After this week we will be sitting on 20 points. With 28 points and a good points differential being the typical benchmark for a top 8 finish we need to win 4/8. Personally I believe we need to win 5/8 to guarantee a spot for finals footy. 28 points didnt get us there in 2014 when the Broncos had a slightly better for and against.

Whats everyones thoughts???

R17 ladder.png
All 5 home games are must win (Titans game is a home game, it's a beautiful thing to experience outnumbering a home crowd at least 2-1) the Eels should've lost their points and have nothing to play for, Raiders potential to be a tough game but if we want to advance and not just make the finals we need to win 6 of the 8 at least a loss to the Cowboys in townsville being the only game I don't think we can win.
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