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Even when all the other results fall in our favour and open up a saloon passage to the finals we still can't hold up our end of the bargain! Just the same as 2013 and 2014. The Tigers just wanted the win more yesterday and we seem to get out desired in these kind of games all the time, even by teams out of finals contention! Basically this season has been no different the last 5 years in that we start poorly, recover around origin, then finish poorly.

What went wrong after the Titans game? We played so well that day and overcame many distractions (Hayne's return, Hurrell, etc) to get a crucial win. Then what followed was the usual debacle and capitulation, the same as seasons 2012-2015. We did not deserve to make the finals, but we had a golden opportunity to get there and blew it.

We're so mentally weak and can't handle momentum swings in matches or decisions going against us. This is why we don't beat the top teams and constantly struggle with teams like Manly, St George, Rabbitohs, as they have the mental edge on us and they know it. Until we toughen up mentally and start doing the basics right on the field I'm afraid we may not make the finals for another 5 years.
Ahh yes, more off-loads, and a bit more footwork is will fix everything...if you really think what the Warriors do with ball in hand is the problem, then you most certainly are the one dreaming.

As i stated earlier, scoring points isn't the problem, never has been, it's stopping the opposition scoring with any sort of consistency, particularly under pressure.

They all do the same things and have the same shortcomings? you even watch these players?
Nope, never seen a game before. You know what though - a better half time speech will do it.
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