General 2015 Will We Make The Top 8?

Where will we place in 2015?

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Quick question. Are we still able to win the Wooden Spoon from here???

Same way we can make the 8, could happen, but won't.
Tigers, Knights, Titans ALL have to win 2 of 3 games to tie us on 22 points, that's not happening. And even then points differential would probably spare us.

But we do look in line for a hearty 13th place.
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We couldn't beat a team with 10 first choice players out of action.

We're not making the 8... But we might still make the 9...
How about "Who thought we'd make the 8?"

The game day threads are an emotional roller coaster. This is more a slow burning torture......................................................and unfortunately it's been 4 years running.:(

I not sure they will win another game & don't really care with top 8 gone now.

Yeah cool or considering this is 4th year in a row they missed finals how about "I 8 Myself And I Want To Die !" Too Dark ? ;)

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Our season starts this week...
Mannering knows this eh. Or did he get a bit keen a few weeks ago and announce it too early.:confused:

Chances are we will upset the Cowboys and some how get a win against the Tigers who are also not going to well. Then we are we? pretty much in the exact same position the last few years needing to win in round 26 away from home. This of course makes it confusing to see if we are progressing or regressing if we end up in the same position every year.:banghead:

Then we get to the off season and the draw gets announced. The Aussie journos will specifically point out how we have an easy draw. We will get our hopes up for the start of the new season. Halfway through the year we'll go alright and we'll start a thread along the lines of will we make the 8?:arghh:

I've heard of the cycle of life but this is the cycle of the Warriors.:eek: We really need to get out of this ground hog day.:oops:


Warriors Orange Peeler
I'm going to remember this and shit myself laughing the next time a Warrior mutter those words.... fucking idiots.
Just find it incredible that you would come and say that in like Round 18 when 3/4 of the season had already passed. Is this the reason for our bad starts most seasons? Shouldnt the mentality be that the season never ends? Is that why players come back over weight or unfit? Clocking off???
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