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New Zealand Warriors can still make NRL top four, says Chad Townsend
Last updated 14:34, June 14 2015

Brendan Elliot of the Roosters dives over the score at Mt Smart Stadium.

Five-eighth Chad Townsend still believes the New Zealand Warriors can be a top four team, despite back to back losses against NRL heavyweights.

After losing 36-4 to the Rabbitohs in Perth last week, the Warriors went down 25-21 to the Roosters at Mt Smart Stadium on Saturday, blowing a 20-6 lead in the second half.

It means the Auckland-based club will fall out of the top eight when the Canberra Raiders and Penrith Panthers are given their two points having a bye this weekend.

The losses tend to suggest the Warriors will be on the fringes of the NRL top eight for another campaign, but Townsend believes they shouldn't be written off for a top-four finish just yet.

"I don't think that at all," Townsend said. "We were not hiding away from the fact that we played poorly against the Rabbitohs, against the Roosters we were miles better, we got ourselves into a position to win the game but just couldn't close it out.

"That's something we were doing a couple of weeks ago, we won three games all by four points, this week it was a slow game and it was just small little areas that didn't go our way that we need to be better at and we'll focus on those things."

Everything was going so well for the Warriors after Solomone Kata, Tuimoala Lolohea and Manu Vatuvei all scored between the 28th and 35th minutes, however, whenLolohea failed to ground a ball in goal, which Shaun Kenny-Dowall jumped on, it opened the door for the Roosters.

Kata scored early again in the second half but Brendan Elliot and James Maloney tries got the Roosters to level terms before Blake Ferguson scored the match winner in the final minute.Townsend said this loss was hard to take.

"To be honest, it's pretty devastating," he said. "We put ourselves in a good position and were playing some good footy. But the momentum swung in the back end of the half, we just couldn't get it back and that was how it played out.

Warriors coach Andrew McFadden wasn't too downhearted in the post-match press conference, preferring to focus on the big improvement compared to the Rabbitohs defeat.

Likewise, Townsend said he pleased with the lift in performance.

"I thought we were miles better this week in terms of game plan, completion rates, kicking game," he said.

"They were all areas that we improved on this week compared to last week.

"But we didn't get the points and that's the reality of it. We have to be better in certain areas and we have to look at the tape and then move onto the Gold Coast next week."
As with last year we get to debate whether we will make the top 8 or not?

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Dont forget the NRL sites Ladder Predictor...
Maybe - there has been a lot to like this year..... but also a lot to hate. Put it this way, if, by some miracle we squeeze into either 7th or 8th, I don't see us getting past the first week.
no way we can make the top 4. i really think we will sort stumble into 8th and more than likely bomb out in the first round. we are so far off winning the premiership especially defensively, i really just wish we were desperate in defense
should count themselves lucky if they make the 8, from what I've seen so far - wouldn't be TOO surprised if they lost almost very game from now on, either
We'll struggle for consistency all year. Always there or thereabouts but never very convincing.
My optimistic prediction: we'll turn around our abysmal home record winning 5 of our remaining 6 and jag 3 wins on the road: Titans, Roosters and Tigers.
Finish the season with 14 wins.
In reality we'll probably win 2 more on the road and 4 at home to finish 12-12. Just scrap into 8th.


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Personally I think the only two questions that matters are:

Will their win their maiden Premiership after 21 years?

Simply answer is no. Not even close.

Will we win the our first Wooden Spoon after 21 years?

This is more likely to happen than making the top 4 at our current playing level.

Nothing but a huge shift in mentality and commitment will help this mob to the finals sadly. In a word. Miracle. Stranger things have happened though.

Not bothered about making the 8 or even 4. Nobody cares who came 3rd or 15th or whatever in between. You only ever remember who played the Grand Final and who won the Spoon. The rest is also ran's...
I cant see the Warriors making the 8 unless Tomkins comes back and hits the ground running, and I can't see that happening after so long out. I expect flashes of brilliance, enough to keep them in the hunt for the top 8 until the last round or 2, only to miss out.. you know, the story of most years


I have no confidence in any sort of fightback. The seasons already over imo. Reassuring that Cappy is not too upset by results so far. Perhaps those of us who see a premiership as the reason for the season expect too much. They won't finish wooden spooners, Too many old Uncles relying on their contracts remaining intact but not top four either.
Don't worry Capp'in Mannering, your troops are on track for another early MAD MONDAY. Well done
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Christchurch Born n bred white bait fed.
Mid pack at the moment we may just scrape into the 8 but wont get far if we keep letting other teams catch back up, we just don't have a death blow.
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I'd be stoked if they do make it in, but on the basis of the season so far I don't see it happening… I can't remember a season where the errors (and injuries) have had such an impact as this one. But … it's the Warriors, you never know where about's on the roller coaster you are.
I don't think top 4 is likely, however, I do think it is really important to make the 8 this year as a build up for next year. With so many rookies it will be a good confidence builder and invaluable finals experience.
Chad is dreaming.....corporate wise I suppose he has to " talk the talk but unfortunately we can't walk the walk".
Get all our troops back and still a chance to make the eight and if going okay well then who the hell knows what could happen.
Cappy seems sort of relaxed which is good and he must be confident or at least hopeful of getting some top guns back and others into better form.
A seriously major problem for me though is that we have now developed a really bad habit of going okay for a start,getting ourselves under pressure then blowing our load and losing by match end.We do not now seem to be able to build and then hold a lead,stop the rot,repel the challenge and turn it around.
Piss poor game management/intelligence/professionalism is what that shows.

This is the total opposite of what we were able to do (sometimes, in the old days) which was start bad, play a bit of catchup football and snag a win in the last ten minutes.Those days are well and truly gone and we don't even look like we have that ability to lift late at the moment.Has it been coached out of us,do we have the confidence,do we lack the skills or do we not read the game well enough.I would suggest probably a combination of all four.

At least when we had the ability to do that we would jag a few wins late which is way,way more preferable to what we are doing at the moment which is basically giving us absolutely fuck all chance of going very far in the competition at all..


This year yet?
Lost a lot of hope this season unfortunately. Thinking we should be around the7-10mark, not making the 8 will be a failure IMO.

It's a sad state of affairs that a decent amount of us are looking to next year half way through the current season but I guess that's a fair reflection of how we've been playing this year-stuck in first gear.

Not a huge fan of changing coaches but the same shits still happening even with getting the coach the players seemed to want, for me the Cappy honeymoon is over and his saving grace has been the sheer amount of injuries he's had to endure.
Repeat this season with next years squad and he'll be on thin ice I'd say.

Don't like bagging my team but they're frustrating they hell out of me and my patience is wearing thin.