Rumour 2015 Warriors Salary Cap Breach Rumour

One positive from that article. It's not the Eels or Tigers it's a big club. Sweet we're a big club or is that only to make this story bigger?

We got a tip a few weeks back the NRL was concerned of our cap situation and there was an article earlier this week with Doyle talking about the friction between the NRL and the clubs. He mentioned the NRL heads were here last week, sure could have been for normal business but this was probably raised. So there probably is a bit too this story.

The main thing that gives the story less credibility is the Lousi salary example. It was mentioned earlier he still lives at home; sure a lot of young stars earning a lot of money still live at home. But Lousi on that type of money seems daft even for this club or Ellliott to have approved. He's a guy whose played a bit of first grade but wouldn't be a guy the club needs to throw overs at to keep.

Then TripleM is Matty Johns? He's been on our case since we signed Roger Tuivasa-Sheck and Luke.

We need a clean out after a few years of lean results so the players being moved on all seemed to match that until this came out. A few of the posts here from people who have a bit if intel are a bit worrying.
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after the Cowboys got a visit last week Greenberg made a commrnt they were in town visiting clubs and finished with 4 down, 12 to go. The trip to Auckland would've been planned regardless of any cap concerns


This year yet?
Something doesn't add up here.. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck direct replacement for Tomkins, Luke and Sao<
rapira,matagi,havilli,laumape,friend,Townsend,peyroux+ the others surely? Plus the oft reported "we are well below the cap" something just doesn't seem right.

I'd be pissed if we got done when there's clearly other clubs "bending" the rules.

This could be the straw that broke the camels back for some supporters if true, my patience is certainly been tested over the last few years
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Something doesn't add up here.. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck direct replacement for Tomkins, Luke and Sao<
rapira,matagi,havilli,laumape + the others surely? Plus the oft reported "we are well below the cap" something just doesn't seem right.

I'd be pissed if we got done when there's clearly other clubs "bending" the rules.

This could be the straw that broke the camels back for some supporters if true, my patience is certainly been tested over the last few years

Maybe there is another signing?
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Jordan G

Lol I would love it if the Aussie media made a big deal about this and we ended up signing someone else.

Don't see it happening (maybe a couple of cheaper fringe guys), but one can dream.
Surely we wouldn't be considered a "big club" right? (Well apart from our forward pack that is:rolleyes:)
I think if you consider the net worth of our owners then we are one of the biggest in the NRL...

And our operating revenues are also up there...
After our previous cap issues we have worked well under the cap until 2012 where the owners stated they wanted to start spending the full salary cap. The NRL rules also state clubs need to spend 90% of their cap so chances are you are going to get issues.

Doyle previously working at NRL HQ would know the cap rules and how to manage it. At the moment I'd trust him to get it sorted out by the start of next season even if it means we see more player movement. Last off season was pretty busy with clubs moving players around; chances are a few of those clubs were in this situation and were doing the same thing.
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Done some digging and its not looking good mate. Wont say anymore in case the press got the heads up from the post I did earlier. Not good anyway.

Sione Lousi is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we need to cut...

the only thing worrying me are mt wellington posts.
If we are over the cap next year at the moment, even after releasing so many players... we must be border line this season? Time will tell but it seems a bit like a "watch this space" article to me... not sure what to think
If there's anything to this report you'd expect something to appear in tomorrow's Herald.
Hopefully not repeating the same article. If there is an article about this it will be interesting if they go to Doyle himself or a source. The source part will be interesting after hearing earlier in the year the lengths Doyle would go to stop leaks in the club.

If we might be moving on a big name or two has this reached the players already? If some have been shoulder tapped it could play a part in some of the recent performances. Most players would play better when playing for a new contract but we are dealing with individuals.

Far Away Fan

Given current events it wouldn't surprise if konnies head was on the chopping block.

I'm guessing then that this is part of the reason for Koni being dropped.

As Bob Dylan sang, "You're only a pawn in their game."

The problem: "Hey what the fuck are we gonna do? We're gonna get roasted next audit!"

The solution: "OK, here's the plan, Cappy. We need a major cut in player salaries. To be specific, at least one major salary. Koni's just been given a healthy upgrade, if he leaves we'll be good to go and the auditors will be fine. Make out he's the problem, lean really hard on him, make him unhappy. His player agent is a crafty bastard, always on the lookout for dollars and will have him wanting to walk when the going gets tough. So make it tough. That way, even some of his supporters will want to be rid of him. You know how it is, some of them'll believe anything we tell 'em anyway. Do it, Cappy. It'll be sweet. This way you get to keep all your important forwards and still have Roger Tuivasa-Sheck and Luke."
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The clean out has been in full effect in the Reserve grade for months now, but other than Tomkins and Townsend (two players who claim to be leaving on their own), and Friend (a guy who needs to retire), it hasn't really touched the top 17 at all...

Maybe this will pressure management to start moving some big names out?

Hurrell and Manu have the worst error rates in the comp, and both have some shocking moments on defense. It might be tough for them to justify their weight in the cap....

Mannering is a machine who pretty much always hits his defensive targets.. But how much are we paying him to be a defender with limited attack and a dodgy offload?

Mutts and Lillyman aren't going anywhere unless they want to IMO...

Hoffman has only just arrived and has played pretty well so it's hard to think they would turn around and cut him. But you never know.

Leuluai could be out now that Luke is heading over...

Shaun Johnson also isn't going anywhere...

Interesting if true..

All I can say is I hope they take the long view and do what's best for us going forward...
Bell and Scurrah probably screwed the club when they went on their spending and resigning spree in an attempt to take the focus off the Elliot debacle
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If you listen to the audio on the TripleM site the clip is 7 minutes with 3 on the Warriors cap. Then they move to Mateo staying at Manly.

Like the article it's pretty light on details. Basically the Warriors are in cap trouble and need to release players with Sione Lousi being one of those; then query our signings.

Have to laugh as like the article they ask if we may have to renege on the Roger Tuivasa-Sheck deal. The answer was no but the Roosters wouldn't be happy losing a player only for that club being over the cap and needing to release players to accommodate the deal. That happens every year where clubs make a big signing then move others on.
17 new contracts in 2016 (afaik), unsure which players are on which cap tier.

Tuimoala Lolohea
Solomone Kata
Sam Lisone
Albert Vete
Tofoafoa Sipley
Mason Lino(?)
Nathaniel Roache (first-grade?)
Marata Niukore (first-grade?)

Ben Matulino (upgraded?)
Konrad Hurrell (upgraded?)
Thomas Leuluai (upgraded?)
Jonathan Wright

Ben Henry(?)
Manu Vatuvei(?)

Ligi Sao
Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
Isaac Luke

Matthew Allwood
David Fusitua
Charlie Gubb
Ryan Hoffman
Shaun Johnson
Simon Mannering
Bodene Thompson
Jacob Lillyman
Sione Lousi
David Bhana
John Palavi
Ata Hingano (first-grade?)

Raymond Faitala-Mariner
Glen Fisiiahi
Sebastine Ikahihifo
Ken Maumalo

Brad Abbey
Nathan Friend
Siliva Havili
Nathaniel Peteru
Dominique Peyroux
Sam Rapira
Sam Tomkins
Chad Townsend
Api Pewhairangi
Suaia Matagi
Ngani Laumape
Lol apparently there needs to be an investigation into why the Warriors where able to sign Roger Tuivasa-Sheck. Didn't know the Warriors had a player called Tompkins.
Fuck. Sake.

Just when I thought things were looking up for the club... Frankly, I would have completely dismissed this rumour, if it weren't Mt. Welly's ominous warnings...


In so many ways it just doesn't make sense though... We have released SO many players in the past two seasons, many on pretty good money, and we've brought very few in, and mostly just upgraded existing contracts. It's hard to fathom.

Really hope this is one of those few occasions Mt Wellys info is way off the mark...