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Player you expect to have the best season?

  • Issac Luke

  • Tuimoala Lolohea

  • Jonathan Wright

  • Konrad Hurrell

  • Solomone Kata

  • Roger Tuivasa-Sheck

  • Matt Allwood

  • Ken Maumalo

  • Shaun Johnson

  • Chad Townsend

  • Mason Lino

  • Ligi Sao

  • Blake Ayshford

  • Jeff Robson

  • Ben Matulino

  • Jacob Lillyman

  • Sam Lisone

  • Albert Vete

  • Charlie Gubb

  • Simon Mannering

  • Bodene Thompson

  • Ryan Hoffman

  • Raymond Faitala-Mariner

  • Manu Vatuvei

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Jordan G

I went Jonno Wright for the lols. TBH I couldn't split Thompson/Hoffman. Both have added a lot.

Hoffman started very strong and then faded a bit after Origin and injury. Thompson was very scratchy initially as he and Shaun Johnson tried to find a way to gel, but really came into his own as the season progressed.


Warriors 1st Grader
May 18, 2012
Easy Thompson for me, I think his contribution was underated in that early part of the season, tackle counts were huge for the fringe and nearly weekly centre changes, Shaun Johnson doing his hand made a difference to the flow of ball down that side too and you could see there were timing issues everywhere.
Player of the year is a tough flip of the coin, personally I didn't think Manners did enough with the ball to constitute it and I wish he would put the offliads away as far too many can be either momentum or possession killers.
Hard to fault any of Ben's form, he gets my vote for it.


Warriors Orange Peeler
Jun 21, 2012
Mt. Wellington, Auckland
Ben Matulino - Back to his best we havent seen Ben Matulino lead the pack like that since 2012. Was great to see him back among the games very best once again.

Albert Vete - To get his ticker up to be playing regular 1st Grade means Albie went very very hard during last season and preseason. Been amazing to see him move almost seamlessly from the NSW Cup team to 1st Grade. Wish all players could do it so well but then again Vete is a class above. Throwing in a little footwork at the line, looking for possible off loads, playing longer minutes and increasing his defensive workload are things that will come with experience. Definite player for the future.

Charlie Gubb - Been really impressed with the aggression he has shown. Has always had a good work rate but the application hasnt always been there. A new focus on ruck defence as well as some pretty handy offloads has also been a welcome surprise after his last offload lost us the Dragons game last year. Still needs to learn to not be a hot head and lose his cool like the double shoulder charge charge he copped in Round 26...


May 21, 2013
Without wanting to rehash the picks from the rookie poll:

Mason Lino – went from our halves depth is Mason Lino, what a joke - to - Mason Lino, if he can improve his defence, would be a pretty damn handy player!

Charlie Gubb – Created a job for himself with his energy off the bench, one of the few local warriors to figure out that you can make a career out of defence as well as attack.

Bodene Thompson – Ended up a much better buy than I thought he’d be, hard worker, got more dangerous on attack.
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Freddie Futler

1st Grade Fringe
Jun 10, 2013
I watched the trial at Papakura and thought Vete was good but Lisone was outstanding in that game.
Vete pushed on and got better as the season wore on while Lisone faded as the rigors of Travel and the pressure of first grade got to him.
Vete was the stand out for me and Bodene was a close runner up.
I don't think that many realise the mental strain the NRL puts on these young guys and not many of them can handle the bad press when they make a few mistakes in a game so top marks Vete for an outstanding season.
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Jay M

Warriors 1st Grader
Sep 25, 2012
Back in Auckland
MIP I voted for Tomkins, Hurrell and Wright for obvious reasons.

I actually did vote for Wright... I thought he was much improved on his performance for us last year ;) and without him this year - I hate to think how bad it could have been.

I also voted for Thompson for his workrate. And the third one I voted for was actually Friend. His running and passing game this year seemed to be a lot better. And he was the creator of the try of the year!


All Out!
Jul 15, 2013
Went with
Tomkins-Not a bad player and injury didn't help but I felt he went backwards this year and didn't live up to his marquee superstar status-especially when Johnson went down.

Hurrell-went full retard this season and lack of professionalism cost him a starting spot, maybe lost some confidence with having to change his style after the knee lift incident but he needs to turn it around quick smart if he wants to avoid being a has been.

Havili-hoped he would become a genuine option at hooker but didn't take his chances and lacked fitness when he needed it
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Off The Bench

Warriors 1st Grader
Jan 26, 2014
RFM defends worse than mateo
an dammit I really wanted to like these guys
I'm going to be popular now
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May 21, 2013
Konrad, Lousi was really bad for a bloke whose been around a while and Sam rapira didn't manage to go out on a high.

Tomkins only avoids nomination due to injury

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