General 2015 NRL Finals Footy Thread

What two teams will make the Grand Final?

  • Roosters

  • Broncos

  • Cowboys

  • Storm

  • Bulldogs

  • Sharks

  • Rabbitohs

  • Dragons

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This year yet?
It's a deliberate act to take him out of the play, professional foul, league needs to use the send off a lot more IMO

Professional foul lucky not to get minimum a penalty and possibly a yellow-not a red though.
Thought it was weird that the red did nothing as the replay shows he definitely saw it
Loved the end of the Dragons/Dogs game - thats what finals footy is all about, pity we aren't there. :( Pritchard is in idiot for going in with his knees like that, im sure it was put on report and pretty sure Kasiano just wanted to snap Widdop in half. Had to laugh with Gnasher Graham accusing one of the Dragons for biting - he should know what its like eh James - how is Billys ear? :D
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I think he should've got man of the match- thurstons kicking game went to shit after that.
Blair has had probably his best season and has been a real enforcer, its very interesting the way Bennett has used the Rotation, their Props have been making minimal metres generally but their defensive output is high.
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I thought the Cowboys-Broncos game lacked X-factor, there was no spite in the match and no fiery confrontations, nor alot of creativity on attack. Even though I enjoyed it, it wasn't as good as some were making it out to be.
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That game was FAST, 80 minutes of hard running and hard tackling.

It had this thing Warriors fans aren't used to seeing.. I think they call it defence
I enjoyed it, one thing about all the semi's is the quality of defence that makes ours look school boyish, partcularly they way they recover from errors and line breaks.
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Are the Sharks really clean?. The whole Dank affair went unpunished mostly in the end and one of the suspect kings is posting some big numbers in this match at halftime. If he plays 80 mins for 300 yards then roll out the bloodtests. Only Roger Tuivasa-Sheck is capable physically of legally doing that.....
Gees that was an unlucky obstruction call, that Souths player stays out of the tacklers line and I think the Rabbits still get the try

Souths in that 5mins, magical try to no try and penalty -2, to a blatant knockon by Sharks missed, to losing a player with a broken arm
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Guess next Olympics we will see Marian Jones and Ben Johnson back running the same times around 10 secs. Wouldnt be suspicious at all. But the Bunnies are out of form and down a few