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  1. Miket12

    General NRL Funding To Benefit Both The Warriors & the NZRL

    NRL: Warriors and New Zealand league to reap benefits of new funding agreement 11:12 AM Friday Dec 4, 2015 Warriors managing director Jim Doyle says the new funding agreement will allow clubs to invest more into resources and he expects there will be spin-off benefits for the national game...
  2. Nrl Celebrates Mediocrity

    Nrl Celebrates Mediocrity

    I’m not sure what is more embarrassing – the half-filled Sydney stadiums in three of the NRL finals matches across the weekend or the fact chief executive Dave Smith is claiming it a success. The 130,000 fans that turned up to watch the four games live in week 1 of the finals was a record for...
  3. Where’s The Consultation Nrl?

    Where’s The Consultation Nrl?

    The NRL has announced a new television deal with Channel 9 to run beyond 2018. Some of the details around that agreement will be terrific for the game. The fact the NRL will take back the right to schedule fixtures in an even manner, rather than allowing Channel 9 to dictate which teams feature...
  4. Xt1ncT

    General NRL signs $1b broadcast deal Given the increase in TV money, who else should we make a play for? For me it's gotta be Bellamy, and why not throw a huge wad of cash at Thurston?