strength and conditioning coach

  1. Alex Corvo

    Alex Corvo

    Alex Corvo is an Australian rugby league trainer and former player. He played professionally for the Canberra Raiders before working as a trainer for the Melbourne Storm, Brisbane Broncos and New Zealand Warriors. His brother, Mark Corvo, also played for the Canberra Raiders. Corvo played five...
  2. African warrior

    General Strength and Conditioning

    Watching the Dragons game, a few players were gassed after about 30min, in particular i noticed Bodene, who arrived as a 80 min player, was standing hands on knee's after about 20-25 min. Issac has been in the same boat since he. It's got me thinking about what the fitness standards are at the...
  3. Brendan Inkster

    Brendan Inkster

    Brendan Inkster, better known as “BJ”, grew up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and studied Human Movement at the University of Technology Sydney, graduating in 2007. He completed a Masters Degree (by thesis) in 2010 at UTS, specialising in biomechanics. Whilst completing his Masters, BJ...