1. wizards rage

    General Warriors Stats 2019

    Moneyballing our Forward pack! Based on 2018 average Tackle success % and run meters per game: Neeson Ah Mau - tackle 99%; run 112m Tohu Harris - tackle 93%; run 117m Agnatius Paasi - tackle 90%; run 101m Bunty Afoa - tackle 96%; run 86m Jazz Tevaga - tackle 94%; run 85m Isiah Papali’i -...
  2. HoRneT041

    Recruitment 2019 Warriors STATS Thread

    2019 Warriors STATS Thread We have the second equal biggest pack in the comp this season - with the boys fizzing at training so far that should be an advantage right?
  3. General Warriors Stats 2018 Johnson wants to bring back 'Warriors football' It was the term that once made them one of the most entertaining sides to watch and halfback Shaun Johnson promises a return to "Warriors football" following...
  4. mt.wellington

    General 2016 Warriors Stats

    Most stats are available through the forums own stats page. This thread is for articles and any member breakdowns... Top stats from Tigers clash Richard Becht Sun 6th March, 09:47PM Simon Mannering beats Aaron Woods Tigers v Warriors NRL rugby league match...