1. Stylez Davis

    General Warriors Doctor John Mayhew

    After the RTS debacle on the weekend and several other season ending injuries to key players over the last few seasons I for one am starting to ask questions of the medical staff. Is it the footy gods playing the warriors a rough hand or is there something else going on? Is the Warriors...
  2. Sup42

    General Sack The Players

    The Sack coach cappy thread reads like a tennis match of a Warrior fan kind. There are those who hit the ball in anger about the coach.....and those that return serve in anger about the players. Both parties are guilty of clinging to long held hoary old arguments. This thread title is somewhat...
  3. Sup42

    Internationals Sack coach Kearney

    The Benji Marshall thing and the use of the bench has a. Lot of fans disgruntled. I am going to stick with supporting Kearney, no coach is perfect, I might not agree with all the decisions, but I still recon he has made the Kiwis mean something worth following, win lose or draw, they play with...
  4. Hitman82

    Staff Andrew McFadden

    Hitman82 submitted a new Showcase Item: Andrew Mcfadden Read more about this showcase item here... Any posts about sacking Cappy and discussions about his replacement can be posted at the link below. Please dont post it here.