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  1. Lord Gnome of Howick MBE

    General ESL 2017 Super League fixtures 2017: Champions Wigan kick off at Salford 23 Oct Wigan Warriors won their 21st league championship against Warrington on 8 October. Super League champions Wigan Warriors will begin the 2017 season at Salford, with the...
  2. snake77

    General Happy Birthday Rugby League - August 29

    I noticed this while reading Steve Mascord's set of six article. It is worth remembering. If it wasn't for a bunch of guys in the North of England deciding they didn't like losing wages from playing missing work to play the game. We wouldn't have the game that evolved into Rugby League...
  3. StephenDedalus

    General The Beauty of Rugby League Video

    Sorry if self-promotion is frowned upon here, but hope some of you guys enjoy it :)
  4. bruce

    General Auckland Rugby League General Discussion

    That brought a tear of nostalgia to my eye. These days everybody is united behind the Warriors. Back in the day Richmond, Ponsonby, Marist and City Newton regarded themselves as the heartland:cyclops:...individually and times change:)
  5. Lord Gnome of Howick MBE

    General Belgian Rugby League Launch Belgium inaugural rugby league championship set for kick-off Date: 14/11/15 The Belgian Rugby League Association has announced the launch of its first-ever rugby league...
  6. Internationals First British RL Player to come out

    Congrats to Keegan Hirst! In case anyone should dismiss this as nothing to see, know that just as with the former Welsh international rugby captain, Hirst had considered ending his life before finally getting round to coming out. But when all is said and done, it doesn't matter. The full...
  7. Makasene

    General "They play that coconut style..."

    Billy Moore on NRL 360 just described the Warriors games as "Playing that coconut style" Wonder if he'll get pulled up over it.
  8. Stone

    General Rugby League Commentators Thread

    After having no other option than to listen to the biased rampantly Australian tone of Brett Kimmorley's so called "commentary" for 80mins last night, it got me thinking ... who's every bodies favourite and or worst commentator's in Rugby League It's obviously a pretty subjective topic & one I...
  9. USAExPatriotNZCitizen

    Internationals International Rugby League General Discussion debut of rl in Spain of all places...