rugby league world cup

  1. Geoff Public

    Internationals 2021 Rugby League World Cup

    2021 Rugby League World Cup Men's draw Group A: England, Samoa, France, Greece Group B: Australia, Fiji, Scotland, Italy Group C: New Zealand, Lebanon, Jamaica, Ireland Group D: Tonga, Papua New Guinea, Wales, Cook Islands Women's draw Group A: England, Papua New Guinea, Canada, Brazil...
  2. mt.wellington

    Internationals KIWIS RLWC 2017 Campaign

    KIWIS RLWC 2017 Campaign
  3. mt.wellington

    Internationals AUSTRALIA RLWC 2017 Campaign

    AUSTRALIA RLWC 2017 Campaign Australia Kangaroos
  4. mt.wellington

    Internationals TONGA RLWC 2017 Campaign

    TONGA RLWC 2017 Campaign Mate Ma'a Tonga
  5. Brother Faisal

    Internationals RLWC 2017 Thread

    Hey guys. Thought i'd create a space for next years world cup. Its just around the corner with some big announcements coming up starting with the draw tomorrow. Feel free to add info, discuss issues and teams involved.
  6. Lord Gnome of Howick MBE

    Internationals 2017 World Cup Qualifiers By Brian Lowe in the United States, Date: 8/11/15 The Americas Region Qualifying series for the 2017 Rugby League World Cup is...