Recruitment 2016 Warriors Recruitment Strategy and Targets

    2016 Warriors Recruitment Strategy and Targets Mainly a thread for ideas about the Warriors recruitment or recruited players. Also a dumping ground for off topic posts from the Recruitment and Rumour thread that deserve to be discussed. Opinions may include what positions the club need to...

    General Who Should The Warriors Sign For 2017?

    Who Should The Warriors Sign For 2017? This thread is for players you want to see signed by the club that dont have a rumour attached to them. Players like the ones above for example. Unlike the Recruitment thread you can name anyone you wish from any code, country or planet. We admins will...
  3. harm45

    Recruitment Warriors Recruitment and Rumour Mill - 2016

    Who should we be targeting for the 2016 season???
  4. Staff Tony Iro

    Just wondering remember back when Tony Iro said the Warrior are over the cap on air on SkyTV and got sacked a week later? Was he right about us being over the cap back then, I think it was 2003-2004. Quite interesting as I think some people owe him an apology now...

    Recruitment Warriors Player Roster and Contracts - 2016

    Warriors Player Roster and Contract News - 2016 This thread is your one stop shop for up-to-date Player Roster, Warriors player movements and re-signings as well as the teams depth list for every position and all players on the radar for 1st Grade. The positions have been based off where...
  6. More Warriors Signings Adding Balance

    More Warriors Signings Adding Balance

    You often hear coaches talking about a good mix of youth and experience. Having the right balance is so important these days. Youth brings enthusiasm and eagerness and it seriously helps keep the salary cap in hand. Experience defines club culture, attitude and is what a team turns to in times...
  7. Warriors Must Be Smart With Fix-up

    Warriors Must Be Smart With Fix-up

    It is too easy to get caught up in the emotion of how badly the Warriors are playing right now and demand wholesale change. Saturday night’s loss to the Cowboys at Mt Smart Stadium was one of the worst performances in the club’s history – and there have been a few candidates – but it would be...
  8. InsideBall

    General YOUR Warriors Team For 2016

    Sam Lisone screams future rep lock to me. He's got the perfect mentor to learn under... For mine, our first 17 next year looks like: 1. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck 2. David Fusitua 3. Konrad Hurrell 4. Solomone Kata 5. Manu Vatuvei 6. Tuimoala Lolohea 7. Shaun Johnson 8. Jacob Lillyman 9. Isaac Luke...

    General Who Should The Warriors Sign for 2016?

    *Mod: Thread for all wishful thinking and big dreaming signings like Greg Inglis, Jonathan Thurston, Sam Burgess, Mal Meninga, Clive Churchill, etc. Any potential signings that are off contract that arent based on a rumour. Post below that was in the Recruitment thread is a perfect example. I...
  10. General 2015 Warriors Recruitment Strategy and Targets

    Hi everyone, new to the website, just putting my thoughts forward. If you think Hoffman was a good signing? In my opinion it wasn't. The warriors need to stop looking for the next "Kevin Campion", stop paying overs for established players. The whole recruitment process of the warriors has to be...
  11. tajhay

    Rumour Warriors Recruitment Discussion and Rumour Mill - 2015 (Part 2)

    This thread continues from Part 1 - Current list of rumours Keiran Foran Offered 2m+ a season by the Warriors (Iron Lion ) Signed a Letter of Intent with the Warriors (Iron Lion )...
  12. tajhay

    Rumour NRL Rumoured Player movements, Re-signings and Rumour mill 2015

    Thread continues from : Post all NRL rumoured player movements and resignings discussion here. The NRL 2015 season player movements are as follows: Brisbane Broncos Brisbane Broncos 2015...
  13. tajhay

    Rumour Warriors Recruitment Discussion and Rumour Mill - 2015

    Warriors Recruitment and Rumour discussion continues in this thread from So far in 2015, the Warriors have publicly approached the following players for 2015/2016 seasons. Status are as follows...
  14. Player Sam Tomkins

    Sam Tomkins