1. tajhay

    Gameday 2021 Preseason - Trial Warriors Vs Titans

    Gameday thread for today's game.
  2. mt.wellington

    General 2021 Warriors Preseason

    2021 Warriors Preseason That time of year where our main focus is the teams toughest preseason ever. This started last week but there has been no images released by the club just yet. Jayden Nikorima started his preseason same day he left isolation. Joining him are the Warriors development...
  3. Paulo24

    General 2020 Warriors All In Episodes

    2020 Warriors All In Episodes Does anyone think that CG’s latest rant is partly because the warriors have no decent signings coming? He was very frustrated and needs a miracle from the team.
  4. Tony Martin

    General Warriors Preseason 2019

    Warriors Preseason 2019 Does anyone know when they come back for preseason? According to fox sports it’s tomorrow..
  5. Navigator

    Gameday < 2021 Warriors Pre Season 2018

    This is what our team needs and its in our back yard. Roosters coaches’ brutal pre-season sacrifice PLENTY of coaches take their teams to hell and back each pre-season. Craig Bellamy uses his infamous boot camps to sort the wannabes from the gonnabes in Melbourne. Wayne Bennett likes to beat...
  6. mt.wellington

    General 2017 Warriors Preseason Thread

    2017 Warriors Preseason Thread Thought Id get this thread up and running. Post any pics, news or articles about the Warriors preseason prep for the 2017 season. This will no doubt be the hardest preseason ever :rolleyes:. Wonder how long it'll take and who will say the line? Those that arent...
  7. mt.wellington

    General 2016 Warriors Offseason/Preseason Thread

    2016 Warriors Offseason/Preseason Thread Some of the team will be back training tomorrow so this thread for for all updates, pic, stories and news about the 2016 Warriors Offseason and Preseason. Was told most will be the younger NSW Cup players. Most U20 players will start next week because...
  8. Raurimu Massive

    Gameday < 2021 2016 Preseason Matches

    2016 NRL TRIALS Vodafone Warriors V Gold Coast Toll Stadium, Whangarei 5.30pm, Saturday, February 13 Tickets on sale from November 23 Vodafone Warriors V St George Illawarra Trafalgar Park, Nelson 5.00pm, Saturday, February 20 Tickets now on sale...
  9. mt.wellington

    Gameday < 2021 2015 Warriors Offseason/Preseason Thread

    Warriors return to camp for some preseason fitness before the Christmas break. Been told that today will just be mainly testing ie weight, skinfolds, fitness, injuries, etc. Every player was given strict instructions before the break as to what their expected targets were in regards to their...
  10. General 2009 Trials / Preseason Games