1. mt.wellington

    General NZRL National 20s Competition

    NZRL National 20s Competition Anybody watching this? Great initiative from the NZRL and glad its being televised...
  2. RiceOwl

    Internationals Kiwis CEO Greg Peters

    New Zealand Rugby League set to announce Greg Peters as new CEO 28 May, 2018 5:48pm Former head of SANZAR and ex-Hurricanes boss Greg Peters is the new CEO of the New Zealand Rugby League. Photo / Getty Images. Former head of SANZAR and ex-Hurricanes boss Greg Peters is the new CEO of the New...
  3. Internationals Kiwis New Coach 2018?

    Kidwell has decided he won't be reapplying for the Kiwis job.
  4. mt.wellington

    Internationals KIWIS RLWC 2017 Campaign

    KIWIS RLWC 2017 Campaign
  5. mt.wellington

    General National Secondary Schools Tournament 2017

    National Secondary Schools Tournament 2017
  6. Jim Doyle

    Jim Doyle

    They've always called him Lucky Jim, although there's not many parallels between Jim Doyle's life story and the Kingsley Amis book which provided his nickname. In Amis' 1954 campus novel, the comedy came from the severe misfortune experienced by a put-upon university lecturer until his luck...
  7. mt.wellington

    General Development of NZ Players

    NRL PATHWAY PLAN MUSIC TO NZRL EARS THURSDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2015 Months of behind-the-scenes negotiations between NZRL and its Australian counterpart have paid dividends, with the NRL prioritising the trans-Tasman pathway in its plans for future player development. The NRL’s head of game...
  8. mt.wellington

    Internationals General Kiwis News

    This is for items about the Kiwis team that doesnt warrant its on thread but may still be of interest to forum members. Such as... Australia v New Zealand Canberra Stadium April 19th 7:45pm 2013 NRL Club Ticketed Members will today have the chance to purchase tickets at a...