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  1. 1995 Warriors Home Jersey

    1995 Warriors Home Jersey

    1995 Warriors Home Jersey The 1995 home jersey would be the Warriors first official jersey. The original logo was designed by Francis Allan from the Advertising company Colenso and was released in August 1992. The first tekoteko featured a straight tongue however Warriors CEO at the time...
  2. tajhay

    Rumour Warriors Recruitment Discussion and Rumour Mill - 2015

    Warriors Recruitment and Rumour discussion continues in this thread from So far in 2015, the Warriors have publicly approached the following players for 2015/2016 seasons. Status are as follows...
  3. General Warriors Sponsorship Thread

    4:00AM Wednesday Jan 07, 2009 By Errol Kiong The New Zealand Warriors have benefited greatly from Vodafone's support. Photo / Richard Robinson Shortly before Christmas, Vodafone UK announced that it was not renewing its sponsorship of the English cricket team when its...
  4. General Why do 'YOU' support the Warriors ?

    WHY DO 'YOU' SUPPORT THE WARRIORS ??? I noticed people questioning what was a 'fan' in a couple of other threads, which I thought was wandering off-topic a bit, so why not start a thread of it's own ? A strange title for a thread I admit, but this is really about what it means to be a...
  5. Miket12

    Player Tuimoala Lolohea

    Tuimoala Lolohea I know he's just pretty much starting in his career and he's really young, but what are people's thoughts about developing him into a hooker over the next few years when he starts to bulk up?
  6. tajhay

    General Shit Nobody Says (NZ Warriors Edition)

    Bring Back Bluey. Ropati deserves to be in the starting lineup. What others?
  7. ¿N. ig-mah¿

    General Auckland/New Zealand Warriors Autographs Open Thread

    Auckland/New Zealand Warriors Autographs Open Thread Just a question for those who have managed to get player autographs on jerseys. What is the best pen to use on a black jersey? I have read paint pens take too long to dry and get smudged as well as blob if pressed too hard. I have also read...
  8. General Warriors Misc Jersey and Merchandise Thread

    Wow, you really are bored! If you can excuse the non-photo images... 1995-1996 Home: 1997-1998 Home: 1999-2000 Home: 1999-2000 Away: