1. mt.wellington

    General Warriors Membership Thread 2021

    Warriors Membership Thread 2021 Join us at the Best Foods Open Home Join us at Mt Smart Stadium on Saturday 12 December to catch up with some of your Vodafone Warriors squad as they prepare for Season 2021. From 10.00am players will be available for signings and photos...
  2. 1995Warriorsfan

    General 2020 Warriors Membership Thread

    2020 Warriors Membership Thread I see that Warriors have released their prices for next year. Only 10 home games, 1 in Wellington and the Magic Weekend in Brisbane. There has been a slight increase of $50 for Reserved Seating and last years old super membership has dropped by around $500...
  3. mt.wellington

    General 2018 Warriors Fan Ideas

    Hi all. Was wanting to get opinions, ideas and comments on what fans would like to see improved in terms of memberships, membership packs, pregame game events, game day experience, after match functions etc. Basically the club are trying to engage with fans more and try get more people to...
  4. mt.wellington

    General 2018 Warriors Membership Thread

    We wanted to let you know that we will be releasing information about our 2018 membership offerings later this month while autorenewals are set to take place in mid October for those who have selected that option. Rest assured we are working hard to ensure our loyal members get the best...
  5. Matulino's Left Shoulder

    General 2017 Warriors Membership Thread

    Could any of you fellas who were members this year see if you can log in to your account ? Looks like theyve revamped the membership site and I can no longer log in.
  6. mt.wellington

    General 2015 Members’ Christmas Party

    Members’ Christmas party confirmed Hi Charles, the Vodafone Warriors’ membership team is pleased to invite all active members to our annual Christmas party. Due to a busy concert schedule at Mount Smart Stadium, we’re excited to announce a new venue for the festive season celebrations – the...
  7. tajhay

    General Member Achievements

    This thread is simply to congratulate or stay abreast of major member milestones. Whether someone has posted their first ever post, has had 500 likes, has their birthday today, you will find it on here and you may wish to congratulate the poster on their achievement. These posts are automated...