members forum

  1. 1995Warriorsfan

    General 2022 Warriors Members Forum

    2022 Warriors Members Forum As we complete preparations for Game Three of our long-awaited Homecoming Series, please join us at the 2022 Member Forum which will be hosted by club CEO Cameron George together with interim head coach Stacey Jones. Following are details relating to this exclusive...
  2. Rizzah

    General 2019 Members Forum

    Head Coach Stephen Kearney, GM of Football Brian Smith, CEO Cameron George along with select players from the NRL team will discuss the 2019 season, answer any questions members may want answered along with addressing areas for improvement and share some insight about the clubs direction in...
  3. 1995Warriorsfan

    General 2018 Warriors Members Forum

    2018 Warriors Members Forum I was wondering when this was going to happen. We are delighted to invite you to attend the annual Vodafone Warriors Members' Forum at Mt Smart Stadium. Coming off the back of the 2018 season and with the 2019 preseason underway, we'd love to hear your feedback and...
  4. Rizzah

    General 2017 Warriors Members Forum

    When's the next members forum?
  5. mt.wellington

    General 2016 Members Forum

    MEMBER EXCLUSIVE EVENT Calling all Vodafone Warriors members We are keen to see you at this year’s forum and in full voice. For those of you who are new to our tribe, we hold a members’ forum where our passionate supporters are given the opportunity to have all of their questions answered by...
  6. mt.wellington

    General 2016 Open Training and Signing Session

    NEWS HIGHLIGHTS Open training and signing session Vodafone Warriors members will have an exclusive opportunity to watch the team train next Wednesday, May 25 from 5.30pm*. Members will be treated to a BBQ courtesy of the Mad Butcher. The training session will take place on the number 3 field...
  7. mt.wellington

    General 2015 Warriors Members Forum

    Next Wednesday the Warriors will be having their annual members forum. This is a chance for members to hear about the state of the club and its future direction. Also an opportunity to ask questions of the CEO and coaches. I'll be there and will try my best to record some audio for members who...
  8. mt.wellington

    General 2014 Members Forum

    Heard word that the Members Forum will be held next Tuesday. I implore all members who can get to Warriors HQ to please attend. I plan on asking some very serious questions and would like for fellow Members to attend and voice their concerns about the current state of the club. Especially with...