1. mt.wellington

    Player Garrett Smith

    Garrett Smith Born in MacKay, Queensland. Played 11 games for the Newcastle Knights NSW Cup team in 2021. 2021 STATS APPEARANCES 11 SCORING TRIES 2 TACKLE BREAKS 12 AVERAGE HIT UPS 6.9 POST CONTACT METRES 296.2 OFFLOADS 2 TACKLES MADE 223 TACKLE EFFICIENCY 94.5% AVERAGE RUNNING METRES 74...
  2. mt.wellington

    Post Match [Round 24, 2021] - Warriors vs Raiders Post Match Discussion

    NRL 2021 - Round 24 - Warriors vs Raiders Post Match Discussion New Zealand Warriors vs Canberra Raiders BB Print Stadium, Mackay Thread to share your thoughts on the Round 24 game between the New Zealand Warriors and Canberra Raiders after the match. Name your Man of the Match, discuss the...
  3. mt.wellington

    Gameday Warriors vs Raiders Gameday Chatter [Round 24, 2021]

    Warriors vs Raiders Gameday Chatter [Round 24, 2021]
  4. mt.wellington

    Team List [Round 24, 2021] - Warriors vs Raiders TEAM LIST

    NRL 2021 Round 24 - Warriors vs Raiders TEAM LIST NZWF Official thread for the 2021 Round 24 Warriors team list and discussion... The official team list will be posted as soon as it becomes available...
  5. Grant Rovelli

    Grant Rovelli

    After playing as a North Queensland Cowboy junior, Rovelli moved to Sydney and signed with the Roosters. He would play for the Premier Team and win the Grand Final in 2004. The New Zealand Warriors signed Rovelli before the 2006 season. Head Coach Ivan Cleary had previously coached Rovelli...
  6. General Brett Seymour

    Brett Seymour Broncos terminate seymour and costigan/s contracts well both gone effective immedately. they won't be playing for the clydesdales either for the rest of the year.
  7. Player Grant Rovelli

    Grant Rovelli Rovelli will be our next Super Star now that Stacey Jones has left, I know its early to predict but I have a feeling about this guy, first-five, Halfback or Hooker the Warriors should hold onto this guy for long term, A Star in the making. :)