1. Player Vinnie Anderson

    Vinnie Anderson I'm just in the middle of wathcing bradford bulls Vs. St Helens, can anyone tell me why Vinnie Anderson was named to play but there's no sign of him!?
  2. Player Sam Rapira

    Sam Rapira From Stuff again. Nice to see the old hands keeping the rookies in a positive frame of mind.
  3. Player Brent Webb

    Brent Webb from nrltalk forums the main translation says While awaiting (perhaps) the imminent arrival of the the superb attacker of the New Zealand Warriors, Brent Webb.
  4. Player Ruben Wiki

    Ruben Wiki From THE NRL will investigate whether the New Zealand Warriors were guilty of breaking anti-tampering laws when poaching Canberra legend Ruben Wiki from the Raiders. The new allegations will come as a further blow to the Warriors, who are reeling in the face of the...
  5. Player Ali Lauiti'iti

    Ali Lauiti'iti Could this salary cap debacle further explain the departure of these key players? It adds to reasons for them to leave (to stay under the cap). It seems it certainly would have helped.
  6. Player Sione Faumuina

    Sione Faumuina From the NZ Herald this morning. Whilst we know that Sione will be stand-off due to previous articles this takes it from a mere intention to a stated fact and not something that will be discarded if so-so after the trials.
  7. Player Monty Betham

    Good to hear, good luck to him Betham takes Wakefield captaincy Betham has extensive captaincy experience with the NZ Warriors Wakefield have appointed former New Zealand international Monty Betham as their captain for the new season. The 27-year-old, who joined the club from New Zealand...
  8. Player Francis Meli

    Francis Meli Fresh start for Saints By Phil Gordos Saturday, 31 December 2005, 14:34 GMT Paul Sculthorpe was the obvious choice to succeed Andy Farrell as Great Britain skipper when the Wigan legend made the switch to rugby union in March. So it must have come as a huge disappointment to...