1. Hitman82

    Player Mason Lino

    Hitman82 submitted a new Showcase Item: Mason Lino Read more about this showcase item here...
  2. Miket12

    Player Tuimoala Lolohea

    Tuimoala Lolohea I know he's just pretty much starting in his career and he's really young, but what are people's thoughts about developing him into a hooker over the next few years when he starts to bulk up?
  3. snake77

    Player Jeff Robson

    Robson gives us another experienced player; which will be a nice change to the rookie stacked squad of the last few years. If Leuluai is going to be in the halves next year then he has competition; which is what we want for all positions in the squad. Also if Johnson's recovery gets delayed...
  4. fanrrior

    General Positional Experiments You'd Like To See

    A thread to discuss what sort of (hypothetical) positional experiments you think might be interesting, including experiments that you would never do. I.e Locke to wing Personally, even though I would never risk changing arguably our best prop, I had been wondering what Matulino would be like...
  5. General 2006 Halves Combo Discussion

    So more money to spend on players with Awen leaving that might be good news as Ropati as a 5/8 has not worked in my eyes, even when we won 4 in a row. Its been debated soley on him in the forum before but his ineffect on the team i think has been drasticly underestermated. I think we need a 5/8...
  6. Player Grant Rovelli

    Grant Rovelli Rovelli will be our next Super Star now that Stacey Jones has left, I know its early to predict but I have a feeling about this guy, first-five, Halfback or Hooker the Warriors should hold onto this guy for long term, A Star in the making. :)