1. Kevin Locke

    Kevin Locke

    A Northcote Tigers junior who attended Northcote college, Locke first gained attention when he played for the Auckland Lionsin the NSWRL Premier League in 2007. In 2006 Locke made the Junior Kiwis side. In 2008 he was signed by the New Zealand Warriors and played in the Toyota Cup, finishing...
  2. Player Gerard Beale

    Gerard Beale Broncos' Gerard Beale the bolter for Kiwis Source: https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/league/4947260/Broncos-Gerard-Beale-the-bolter-for-Kiwis We Lose Kyle Stanley but gain Gerard Beale, Looks like Duffie will be making his debut
  3. Player Glen Fisiiahi

    Source: https://www.sportal.co.nz/league-news-display/fish-hooks-debut-112227
  4. Player Denan Kemp

    Denan Kemp Looks like we may have signed him on a 2 year deal https://www.leaguehq.com.au/news/news/rabbitohs-join-barrett-hunt/2008/05/28/1211654121824.html?page=2 From what I know about him, very exiting prospect, would pretty much slot straight into our starting line up.
  5. Player Krisnan Inu

    Krisnan Inu OMG. I love this boy. I cannot believe how well he played tonight, he made like 1 or 2 errors if that, and they were late in the 2nd half. I'm speechless. Look out Webby, someones after your Kiwis jersey.
  6. Player Aidan Kirk

    Aidan Kirk From sportal.co.nz New Zealand Warriors rookie Grant Rovelli was in a similar situation to his club's latest acquisition, Aidan Kirk, this time last year. The young halfback, who starred in the Sydney Roosters' premier league side throughout 2004 and 2005, had failed to...
  7. Player Paul Atkins

    Paul Atkins Talking about Wingers what's that Paul Atkins guy doing? You know the one that got smashed in his debut against the Roosters and Awen fired up and did the chest slap after the hit.
  8. Player Jerome Ropati

    Jerome Ropati I'd prefer to have him at 6 and leave Rovelli to provide options and impact off the bench. Comments?
  9. Player Misi Taulapapa

    Misi Taulapapa https://xtramsn.co.nz/sport/0,,12050-5666056,00.html 8/04/2006 XtraMSN Winger Misi Taulapapa will become the Warriors' second first-grade debutant in three games when he lines up against South Sydney in Saturday night's NRL encounter at Ericsson Stadium. The 24-year-old will...
  10. Player Wade McKinnon

    Wade McKinnon Just heard from Danny wieldlier on the footy show Webb is looking to go the union and the warriors to chase Wade Mcinnion from PARRA. This guy is pretty much always spot on as he gets hes info. from the clubs, players and player managers themselves. What are your thoughts. Who...
  11. Player Brent Webb

    Brent Webb from nrltalk forums the main translation says While awaiting (perhaps) the imminent arrival of the the superb attacker of the New Zealand Warriors, Brent Webb.
  12. Player Todd Byrne

    Todd Byrne I hadn't seen it anywhere online so thought this might be of interest. Quite a good read. ** WARNING. LONG POST.** ------------------ Byrne Factor How a skinny Sydney Rooster found redemption by joining the Warriors, and provided some of the highlights in an otherwise...
  13. General Cliff Beverley

    Cliff Beverley my 22nd player would be cliff beverley.
  14. Player Carl Doherty

    Carl Doherty Was it Carl Doherty from Mt Albert club? From memory, he was also a newbie to league (ie had not been playing all that long in the scheme of things). To be fair, he did have a boot on him which was just one of the things the Warriors lacked at the time. My not so legend would...