1. African warrior

    General Strength and Conditioning

    Watching the Dragons game, a few players were gassed after about 30min, in particular i noticed Bodene, who arrived as a 80 min player, was standing hands on knee's after about 20-25 min. Issac has been in the same boat since he. It's got me thinking about what the fitness standards are at the...
  2. mt.wellington

    General 2016 Warriors Offseason/Preseason Thread

    2016 Warriors Offseason/Preseason Thread Some of the team will be back training tomorrow so this thread for for all updates, pic, stories and news about the 2016 Warriors Offseason and Preseason. Was told most will be the younger NSW Cup players. Most U20 players will start next week because...
  3. mt.wellington

    Gameday < 2021 2015 Warriors Offseason/Preseason Thread

    Warriors return to camp for some preseason fitness before the Christmas break. Been told that today will just be mainly testing ie weight, skinfolds, fitness, injuries, etc. Every player was given strict instructions before the break as to what their expected targets were in regards to their...