1. Call Me Loyal

    Call Me Loyal

    With the Warriors having missed the play-offs for a 5th straight year it is inevitable that the media and public begin to question the position of head coach Andrew McFadden. While Jim Doyle has insisted he won’t be commenting till after a review several senior players have pledged their...
  2. mt.wellington

    General Club Culture Part 3 - Cappys Reign

    Read an interesting article that touched on this and didnt know where to stick it. Certainly didnt deserve to be put in the first 2 threads that where more to do with the club culture during Matt Elliott's time. To find the first two parts follow the link. Most discussion has happened around...
  3. Andrew McFadden

    Andrew McFadden

    Appointed Vodafone Warriors acting head coach, 07/04/2014 Coaching Career: Canberra Jersey Flegg coach, 2005 Canberra premier league coach, 2006 Les Catalans assistant coach, 2007-2008 Canberra NYC coach, 2009 Canberra assistant coach, 2010-2012 Vodafone Warriors assistant coach, 2013-2014...
  4. Hitman82

    Staff Andrew McFadden

    Hitman82 submitted a new Showcase Item: Andrew Mcfadden Read more about this showcase item here... Any posts about sacking Cappy and discussions about his replacement can be posted at the link below. Please dont post it here.