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    General Pick Your Team 2017 Rnd 1 - Warriors vs Knights

    I thought I would get this thread going. After yesterday trial game who will be the in the team for game 1? Ata Hingano set to start season next to Shaun Johnson for Warriors 5:13 AM Monday Feb 20, 2017 Warriors coach Stephen Kearney has declared young playmaker Ata Hingano a near certain...
  2. General 2016 Halves Debate

    Long term or short, Who do you think should be playing five 8? Where is Tui going to be playing when RTS is at Fullback next year? Id like him at Five Eight so he gets as much ball as possible. But where does that leave the likes of Hingano who seems destined for First grade?
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    Player Ata Hingano

    Ata Hingano TEEN SENSATION KEEPS WARRIORS’ HALVES ON NOTICE Written by JOE McDONOUGH, April 23, 2016 THE WARRIORS may be pitting veteran Thomas Leuluai in the halves with Shaun Johnson but if that doesn’t pan out Andrew McFadden has another very strong option in young gun Ata Hingano...
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    Ata Hingano

    Ata Hingano was signed to the Warriors from the Pakuranga Rugby League after being scouted for the Warriors Development team in 2013. He grew up playing in the same team as Bradley Abbey. Hingano played for the Holden Cup team as a 17 year old in 2014 and was 18th man when the team won the NYC...

    General 2016 Warriors Player Awards

    That time of year where the club announce their awards. Not sure when the 1st Grade do their ceremony but the U20's held theirs last night. We'll keep you posted. Afoa club’s NYC player of the year Richard Becht Thu 10th September, 12:17PM <script height="349px" width="620px"...
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    General NRL Naughty Chair