2008 U20 Away Jersey

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2008 U20 Away Jersey
Year/s Jersey Active
  1. 2008
Jersey Type
  1. U20's Away
Jersey Supplier
Main Jersey Sponsor
Sleeve Sponsor
Allied Work Force or Toyota
Upper Back Sponsor
Lower Back Sponsor
2008 saw the introduction of the Toyota sponsored Under 20's National Youth Competition.

They would play the same teams and venues as the first grade squad and for the first few years the jerseys would be the same bar the Toyota Cup badge and certain sponsors. U20 jersey also bore the Centennial badge.

Im not sure why but some have Allied Work Force as the sleeve sponsor while others have Toyota. I know that the 2013 jersey had Holden on the sleeve sponsor during the finals but Im unclear on whether it was only during that time or not. If anybody can clear that up than please post a comment.

The only version available. Think most were kept for training and dished out to staff members when Puma stopped being suppliers to the club.

These very rarely come up for sale and only one has the time I have been looking. Seen one at the 2015 Nines and brought it straight off the guys back for $150...

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