2005 Stacey Jones Tribute Jersey

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2005 Stacey Jones Tribute Jersey
Year/s Jersey Active
  1. 2005
Jersey Type
  1. Special
Jersey Supplier
Main Jersey Sponsor
Sleeve Sponsor
Lion Red League
Upper Back Sponsor
Limited Edition of 200
In 2005 when Stacey Jones first 'retired' from the Warriors a limited edition jersey of 200 was released to commemorate his time at the club and raise money for the man himself.

Need confirmation but I believe these jerseys were made up by the Mad Butcher.

Each one has an embroidery and personally signed by Stacey Jones with a short message.

Only 200 were made and Ive known some people to wear them ragged. You can generally see one for auction every two years and they go for a reasonable price...

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