Wishlist Trades for Warriors

Wishlist Trades for Warriors
It isn’t quite like the big time US sports where players get traded at a moment’s notice but here are five trades that would make sense from a Warriors perspective.

Konrad Hurrell for Ricky Leutele (Sharks)

Both players are a similar age and would command a similar salary.

At his best Konrad Hurrell is a luxury. He’s a bulldozer who can run over the top of opponents but offers very little else. Admittedly he is pretty good at running over people and has the ability to break games open with his brute force. He’s also quicker than people realise, which adds momentum to that force. In a Warriors side that is choc-full of players that can break a game open he is a luxury they don’t need and a liability on the other side of the ball. A side like the Sharks however could possibly use a bit of extra fire power. They possess a team that can grind out games but are lacking a bit of polish on the end of it. Leutele offers the Warriors a strong defensive centre and a guy who is good getting out of dummy half. Many experts have compared him to a young Steve Matai.

Manu Vatuvei for Dale Copley (Broncos)

This trade would see the Warriors get younger, saved some cap space and become a more rounded side.

Vatuvei is the Warriors all-time try scoring leader and has been the face of the club over the last few years. While letting go of the popular Vatuvei would upset many fans, a hard-capped league calls for ruthless decisions and the fact is that Vatuvei’s best days are now behind him. That isn’t to say he is headed for the scrap heap – just that the Warriors can afford to move him on in a bid to get a player that will help them moving forward and to get some cap relief to spend in other areas. Copley wasn’t required in the Broncos run to the Grand Final this year but can play either wing or centre and has shown a solid all-round game in his 70-plus games in first grade. Injuries have bothered him this year but he has plenty of upside at just 24. The Broncos lose strike power with the retirement of Justin Hodges so Vatuvei’s try-scoring and game-breaking ability out wide could be a major boost.

Sione Lousi for Martin Taupau (Tigers)

This is a far-fetched trade but not beyond the realms of possibility.

Kiwis enforcer Taupau wants to leave the Tigers by all accounts and the Sydney club could do with some cap relief. A disgruntled player is never a good thing particularly for a club that is already dealing with the Robbie Farah situation. While on the face of it the Tigers would lose in a big way, they could use that cap space for bigger concerns in other positions. Lousi is on the outer in Auckland and could be a cheap option for the Tigers that allows the club to strengthen those other areas but still make an attempt to replace Taupau. Taupau is off-contract at the end of 2016 and will command a big contract upgrade but the money saved on the Vatuvei deal should cover the extra dollars needed for the Warriors to sign Taupau.
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Oh come on,

1. Talented but erratic traded for more mediocrity, a young Steve Matai indeed, a younger Bryson Goodwin maybe.

2. Club legend traded for an injury prone hopeful. Copley is good player, but can’t seem to make it through a season.

3. For one of the most in-demand forwards, give the tigers… Sione Lousi who has shown repeatedly he does not make any impact at NRL level.

Its easy to rip on other peoples ideas, so I will offer…

Konrad Hurrell for Tim Lafai (bulldogs)

An actual legitimate NRL centre of the same age, the bulldogs don’t seem to mind a bit of fat on their players and Des Hasler seems to get the best out of, shall we say, eccentric personalities and would fit their power style of play.

Manu Vatuvei for Jason Nightingale

Not like either club would offload 2 of their longest serving members, but Nightingale would bring balance to the warriors backline and Vatuvei attacking intent to the dragons who lack a bit of xfactor in the outside backs.

Sam Lisone or Albert Vete for Martin Taupau

Got to give up something of value to get something of value, both are young and feisty and will age at the same rate as the rest of the tigers young team.
It won't happen just what I would try and do if I were running the club. Vatuvei has reached his peak - only one way from here and I don't want to pay him for that privilege. I'm pointing out a way to get Taupau and younger, more rounded backs without giving up key pieces.
If you followed US sport you'd see clubs don't trade like for like all the time. They trade to free up cap space so they can make a run at other players. The Warriors can't fit Taupau into their cap - here is a way it can be done whilst not weakening the side in my opinion.
And Vete and Lisone are nowhere near the same level as Taupau.

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